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by flylikeaneagle

Are you sitting on the sofa exercising your hand by pointing at the television or playing games with your fingers on the electronics? Are you run down by the flu and bored by blizzard forecasts? Is the cold winter making you blue, depressed and down? Then start with new goals in a journal and change your attitude in 2015.

What choices are you making day by day? Are you choosing dead, processed and chemical foods that are quick and easy to eat or the rainbow fresh fruits and vegetables? The dead foods can rob you of energy and nutrition that your body thrives on. Does the food make you sluggish or tired? Fresh foods can keep your mind, heart and organs alert, function better and renew your youth.

"Be fit and eat wise" by adding simple steps in your journal this year, my friends. Reboot your immune system with raw rainbow foods. Add in more a b c's into your food choices like apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, celery, cucumbers, coconuts, grapefruit, honey, oranges and watermelon. These foods are designed to heal the body by adding in vitamins and minerals from A, B, C, D, E, to zinc.

Healing foods you can include into your menu are apples and pears. They help remove toxins and aid in preventing sore throats. Avocados have healthy fat to moisturize our skin and help overcome depression. Blueberries act as an antibiotic, antioxidand and a natural aspirin. Broccoli is a disease fighter with high anticancer powers. Carrots are anticancer, immune boosting and reduces degenerative eye diseases. Celery helps to cut weight. Wrestlers like celery with peanut butter and raisins for extra protein and iron. Cranberries are an antibiotic for preventing infections. Coconut hydrates and stimulates brain neurons. Cucumbers help prevent puffy eyes, sunburn and cleanses the kidneys. Figs detox the body and dissolve mucus. Garlic and ginger reduce the swelling in the throat and boost the immune system from infections. Honey will give you energy and help heal sore lips and throats. Kale helps reduce the risk of cancer, lowers blood pressure and asthma and is full of calcium, iron and protein. Nuts fight against cancer and heart disease. Oats depresses cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar. Olive oil regulates blood sugar and is both antioxidant and anticancer. Onions purify the liver. They are antibacterial and antifungal for the heart and the skin. Papayas aid digestion, help with acne and help fight cancer. Pineapple aids in digestion and menstral pain. Quoina are nutty seeds full of vitamin E and a gluten free protein. Raspberries are anti-viral, anticancer and helps with pain. Tomatoes help prevent pancreatic and cervical cancer. Watermelons are full of sweet water of lycopene that protect the skin from oxygen damage.
Yogurt is antibacterial, anticancer and helps with mental alertness.

Add to your New Year journal exercises you desire. Go outside for daily walks. Sunlight boosts the immune system and can help prevent cancers and seasonal depressions. Exercise will reduce cortisol and stress while strengthening the immune system. Cardio and weight training can increase the bone density while reducing the risk of injury. Cross training with walking, running, biking, swimming, water aerobics, weight training will stimulate your body to feeling good and increase blood to the organs. Add in yoga, Pilates, tai chi, spin and Zumba classes. Or you can exercise with your computer with T25 and other fitness plans. Take the classes slow and easy at first with ten to sixty minutes as your daily goal.

Take time out to drink plenty of water. People who are overweight tend to be dehydrated. Water flushes out the body systems sludge deposits and gives you more energy. Sip on teas with lemon or lime to increase energy and reduce appetite. Sodas fuel your brain, heart and organs with chemicals.Since the body feeds the brain, heart and organs with what you drink and eat, be wise in your decisions. Choose to drink living water and see how your mind and body will improve.

Are you breathing in deeply to your belly? Take in more air will expand your lungs and heart. Breathe in and say God's words out loud daily. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue," proverbs 18:21. Jesus came to give us life and life overflowing with joy, John 10:10 and John 15:11. Speak your name into the scriptures with the promises of healing like psalms 23, 91, 103. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. I dwell in the secret place of the Lord who is my refuge and strong tower. I bless the Lord's name. Jesus forgives all my inequities, heals all my diseases, and crowns me with steadfast love and mercy. I wait upon the Lord who renews my youth and strength like the eagles." Add in Isaiah 41:10, 40, and Proverbs 4:20. Speak life words daily as you meditate on the word of life by reading the Bible outloud. God breathed life on his masterpieces, you and me. Use God's medicine bottle daily. Love life!

These are tips my daughters and I learned to overcome stress and become healthier in our spirit, mind and body. You can renew your youth like the eagles! I became an AFAA, (aerobic and fitness association of America), group fitness instructor and a WSI, (water safety instructor), in Dallas, Texas, and took my knowledge up to Minnesota. Here I teach fitness classes and Bible studies. This is my research I have learned along the way to share with you all.

Be fit and eat wise with these tips in your journal this year. Add in your own ideas. Clip magazine pictures and articles for your persomal notebook of exercises and healthy recipes. What makes you joyful can help lift up another. Expand your territory with fitness and health in your community. Set wise goals, eat rainbow foods, exercise, drink water, and go outside for daily walks and sunshine. Study and speak the word of life over yourself and family. Meditate on the attributes of Jesus and who you are in Christ. Try something new daily and enjoy your life to the fullest in 2015 and beyond!

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