General Poetry posted January 8, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
A snapshot of a moment on our planet

At this moment

by Mark Valentine

Darkness covers half the globe, the other half's in light
Some folks start their nine-to-fives, some call it a night
A farmer in El Salvador harvests the coffee beans
A policeman stops for java at a donut joint in Queens

Accountants for Big Energy assess the bottom line
Outside Santiago men descend into a mine
A woman in Afghanistan makes cuts in poppy plants
An addict leaving rehab gives thanks for a second chance

A house on fire in Adelaide, a fireman rushes in
A mom breaks down in tears of joy when he comes out again
Two children fill the fireman's arms, two children scared, but well
Rescued by this man who dared to brave the fires of hell

A couple in Miami file papers for divorce
Kid's trajectories thereby ever altered from their course
In a church in Tuscany, a young man takes a bride
Neither of them yet aware she carries life inside

In Greece an old man contemplates the meaning of his life
In Spain a young man goes to bed with someone else's wife
A baby sleeps in Senegal, nestled next to mom
A would-be martyr in Iraq becomes a human bomb

A Jewish man in Tel Aviv recites his evening prayers
A lonely teen in Donegal believes nobody cares
Someone's dying in this world and someone's giving birth
As happens each and every moment somewhere on this earth

Are all these disparate events completely unrelated
Or part of some transcendent play divinely orchestrated
Where Jesus empties bedpans and Allah feeds the poor
While Satan kidnaps young schoolgirls and sows the seeds of war

A play that's being written even as it's being acted
A play where all lines go to press and nothing is redacted
And we decide which side we're on, which role we're going to play
And there's no dress rehearsal cuz we're live on stage today

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