Horror and Thriller Flash Fiction posted January 8, 2015

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Short Story

The Herd On the Hillside

by michaelcahill

To transmogrify didn't come easy. In a village that stood at the ready for werewolves, it became a necessity. The myth of immortality and the legend of super-human strength was nothing more than that, legend. True, Laserta Madrigal possessed strength beyond what any human possessed. Speed of foot and keenness of vision all fell near the bounds of lore when it came to her prowess.
However, a werewolf proved no match for an angry mob, though many would be injured and, perhaps, pay with their lives should a werewolf become cornered. Practicality demanded cleverness. Hunger compelled Laserta. Too many of her brethren had fallen in recent years to the blindness of their urges. Traps had been set and fallen into by the eagerness of an empty stomach.
Changing into a sheep made hunting a great deal easier for Laserta. A sheep can hunt unnoticed. Woe be to the good shepherd who does his job. Yes, there is a stray just over the ridge behind the stand of oak trees. Do you hear its plaintive call? Yes, I come to your aid. It is my nature to do so. THIS sheep has a nature too and you are gone. They will find your bones picked clean. A victim, they'll say, of hideous evil. Plans will be made. The shepherds will require more shepherds, so they may watch each other. They will never look for the evil that dwells within the flock itself.
My brethren will tire of the old ways and soon more will transmogrify. No one will know when they look at a sheep, if it truly is a sheep. It would never occur to them. That has always been the fault of mankind. If they cannot recognize the evil in themselves then how can they recognize the evil in anything appearing to be innocent?
One day the shepherds will disappear and herds of wolves in sheep's clothing will roam the hillsides. Then the need to transmogrify will be over. The hills will belong to the wolves and no one will dare leave their houses. You ask, "when will that be?" You should be asking, "when did that happen?"


Horror Fiction in a Flash contest entry


I'll let the meaning be up to the interpretation of the reader.

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