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A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love

'Heaven Can Wait' (Rain, part two)

by RGstar

''Heaven Can Wait''
Rain (part two)

A lonely man with a sequined heart
Its broken threads falling apart
As wine cannot quench parched lips in need
the want of riches will all hearts bleed
So why does fate smite his brow
Leaving him then; leaving him now?

A yesterday's child wilting in the rain
Water through nostrils pining with pain
Fleeing sad memories chastised by years
Fragmented sorrows drowning in tears
Yet memories of you paint rainbows new
Your lace, Mamma, still binds that shoe

The wind serenades the rain's disdain
Mimics me gently then screams again
My vision awry in this godless hue
Oh, so cold, my life seeps through
Every mountain I seek hides rivers deep
Mother, I cry like the slaughter of sheep

Mine eyes surmise a puddled wreath
A watery grave contemplated beneath
A gnashing of teeth and wailing of death
Should I this word now mutter in breath?
Mother, I wonder if time to sleep
Tell me, in heaven, do angels weep?

''Yes, Mamma, I'll find a little faith,
No! Not I; neither shadow nor wraith
Smile Mamma? I haven't done so of late
Alright; yes, perhaps only fate
And leaves do blow before they congregate
Are you sure then, you'll wait by the gate?''

Thank you, Mamma...
tell Heaven I'm late

Yes, home...
Heaven can wait

Poem of the Month contest entry


Earned A Seal Of Quality

When you think of giving up, there is always someone at hand. Just reach out, for
though it may be hard, never give up.

The repetition of ''Mamma'' in the final stanza in recognition of a child speaking to a mother, as many adults carry on the trait through adulthood in signifying an underlined respect and love.

Wraith = a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.

Though this could be read as a stand alone, it would be good to read the first part '' Rain;'' the chapter before this one as to get a better understanding or emphasis of certain actions.

This is the final poem of my book 'The Different Faces of Love,' unless anybody has any suggestions. It has been quite a journey in which I, again, thank you all. And I tell you this. I have learned as I progress, and I have been humbled and awed, many times, by your reactions and praises, and I know if I continue here I will become even better and learn even more, within, as well as outwardly. I would continue passing on that which I have come to make my own, to those of you who would accept gracefully.

I am not sure of my next step. I am open to good advice, so not sure if I will be taking works down, or just edit and buff up a little with a few more audios that you may not hear until book release, or make stronger and better that which I have written.

Either way, we shall not part, as you are as much family to me as I am to you, so for the sake of creativity, and a toast to all writers. Let us keep our solidarity, and let poetry and writing be our ears, thoughts and conscience. Let us work together, not against each other. Let us help those who have yet to rise with quill, not scorn because we have risen.

I hope some day to meet some of you in person. Until then;
A toast to you all; for you are worthy of such.

Best wishes,

Music by my fellow collaborator, the incredible, Kerri Powles. I have edited the music a little for effect. She belongs to the sister, Fan Music site. She is also a fellow Fanstorian, though just joined, under the name Esha77. If you would like to say hello, leave er a comment, or you can visit her music at
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