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A story of a young mother's fight out of an abusive marriage

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by barbara.wilkey

Two Tattered Hearts portrays the helplessness and fears a battered woman feels at the hands of her abusive husband. Anna Rogers's brutal husband, Bobby, beats her practically on a daily basis. Anna, with limited resources, is estranged from her parents. She meets Troy Whitman, who had witnessed his mother die at the hands of an abusive husband. Troy's adoptive parents help him overcome his past, and willingly assist him as he helps Anna find a ray of hope in an otherwise black future.

Anna's last beating puts her in the hospital. Bobby is arrested and imprisoned. What happens from here keeps the readers on the edge, gripped by the final unfolding of this timely and all too familiar story.

Anna had taken her ill infant to the doctor against Bobby's orders. The child has a double ear infection. The following is an extract from Chapter 2:

{Bobby slammed the door. "I told you not to take him to the doctor. Did you listen to me? Hell no! I'll teach you to disobey." The bottle flew across the room. "Do as I tell you when I tell you!" Bobby grabbed another handful of hair and threw Anna to the floor. After kicking her, he took a drink of beer.

"I won't do it again."

"You're damn right you won't. Stand up, bitch."

Anna struggled, but stood. Bobby threw her into the wall. She covered her face with her hands as he staggered toward her.

"You're pathetic. I can't stand the sight of you. I'm going out. Dinner better be done before I get back." Bobby found her purse on the couch corner, took the car keys, and then yanked the phone from the wall. "You won't listen to me. I'll make sure you stay put." The door slammed behind him.

Anna heard his pick-up start, but suddenly it died. Soon the door slammed. He's changed his mind. Bile entered her mouth as she cowered in the corner and watched him stumble toward her.

"You're my woman and you'll do your wifely duties even if I have to kill you." Bobby drove his fist into her stomach, followed by a backhand to the face. "Strip!"}

Two Tattered Hearts was published by G and J publishing and can be found in e-book format at or at Many of you may have read it on FanStory under the title, Lonely Hearts Meet

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Many of us know a mother, sister, or have friend who is in an abusive relationship. This novel shows the struggle that often occurs gaining ones' freedom, but it also gives hope. Word count 403
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