General Fiction posted November 28, 2014

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Jr/Sr High Bullying Contest Entry

Can You Hear Me?

by Serenity Van Halen

Cold stares and silent glares
Whispers behind your back
behind closed doors and right in front of you
Push and shove,
Just one more time
But you can't take one more time and you just
Slipping through the cracks
No more sound and no more masks
Because we can all see you now
Stripped down to the core
No hiding the emptiness in your eyes
As you silently scream
"Can you hear me?"
Just another day
But you say that every day
No oasis in this desert
And you feel like you can't speak
but still you say it
"Can you hear me?"
And still they pretend that
You're not even there
And you wonder, confounded,
Who would miss you when you're gone
And you think you're all alone
Someday it'll get better, you say
But some day, someday will be the day
That you can't take it any more
One more hoarse whisper as you run out of air, dehydrated
From the endless expanse of sand and rock and it all leads to
nowhere but
"Can you hear me?"
I can hear you,
and I'd miss you if you were gone
They say they wouldn't but I know
That they would see that empty chair and know it was you
So don't go
And don't stay silent because
if you do, no one will you hear you
but I heard you then and I hear you now
Can you hear me?
So I'll do the one thing you can't do for yourself -

Jr High or High School bullying contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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