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Vacation and moving.

A chapter in the book She Did, Right -Now She Does Write

1990 Vacation And Move

by patcelaw

1990 Vacation And Move

In May of 1990 Wayne and I took a trip to visit our children, some other relatives and friends as well and to do some sightseeing.
Leaving California on May 6th we stopped the first night to visit our daughter Penny and her family. We stayed until the 8th then traveled as far as Las Cruces, NM.

As we came in from the west of Las Cruces at the top of the mesa, the whole city of Las Cruces, was a breathtaking sight. The valley was so beautifully green. It was a blessing to see all the greenery after the many miles of driving across the dry brown desert.

We found a motel and registered for the night. As I recall it was more than 100 degrees, but the heat was a very dry heat, so as long as we were in a shaded area, it was quite comfortable.

In the motel room we picked up a real estate guide. W had been thinking of making a move from California, so we wanted to see if we would want to move to Las Cruces. We at this point had already fallen in love with the beauty of the city. The city sits in a long valley west of the Organ Mountains. The organ Mountain rises to about 9,000 feet at its highest point. The pass over the mountain is more than 5,208 feet. As you go across the pass at the apex, you look down on the Army facility called White Sands Missal Range.

On May 9th we called a real estate agent and asked to be taken to view properties we found interesting and a possible place for us to purchase. Looking at several properties, we settled on buying just north of the city.
The property was located in farming area with lots of open spaces. Big acreage of farmland within about fifty yards of the property, made for peaceful surroundings to build our home. The owner of the property agreed to take a $500 deposit on the lot and would hold it for us until September.

We finished our trip, visiting family, friends and sightseeing. As we left Las Cruces, we traveled to Corpus Christi, Texas. The home we visited in Corpus Christi was the home of Gordon's parents. It is located in the canal area near the gulf.

In Corpus Christi we visit our youngest daughter Patty, her husband Gordon and granddaughter Kathy. Kathy was only four years old with a beautiful smile and lovely blonde hair that was a bit curly. Her dark brown eye along with the smile was enough to melt the heart of this grandma.

In Corpus Christi, I was stuck be the oppressive humidity. The humidity was so bad that with the central air conditioning, it caused the inside to be cooler than outside of the windows, condensation was present on the windows outside. This was the first time I had ever seen this.

Leaving Corpus Christi we traveled to Dallas and visited my dear friend Nora and her family, it was a short visit, but did allow us time to catch up on our lives since we had last been together.

As our journey continued went to Hutchinson Kansas where we visited our daughter Pamela, her husband and our grandson Kyle, who was almost one year old. It was fun getting to hold Kyle as I had only seen him when he was about six weeks old and then only for a couple of days.

Next on our agenda was a visit to my twin brother Patrick and his wife Diana in Fulton, Missouri I seem to remember we were there for several days. Patrick and Diana owned a home out in the country. The home was built close to a gravel road, and as cars passed the home things became quite dusty.

When we left Missouri, we traveled west to Nebraska and northward to South Dakota. In South Dakota we went to Mount Rushmore. It was a bit on the cool side and there we some clouds, but we were able to see that impressive monument.

As we proceed westward, we passed through Wyoming and Montana. We were going to go to Yellowstone National Park, but it was late may and there had been snow and Yellowstone was closed to visitors so that was a disappointment to both of us.

In Montana, we had an emergency with our car and it had to be fixed. The cost of the repairs being more than we had with us in travelers checks and the mechanic would not take a credit card. He did however, accept out personal check. We were grateful that he would take our check.

From there we went on to Yakima to visit my youngest sister, Kathy and her family. While we were there, we celebrated my birthday on June 7th. We had a wonderful visit. Knowing we were pressed somewhat for time, needing to get home to put our house on the market to sell so we could move to our new home in New Mexico we left Washington and arrived back to Southern California on June 10th.

The next day we put our home up for sale. Our home sold on July 11th, escrow closed within 30 days and we moved on August 15th. We stopped in Phoenix to see Penny again and then traveled on to Las Cruces, arriving on August 18th. When we arrived, the moving van was waiting with our belongings at the apartment we had rented one month before.

On August 19th we went to a new church which had been recommended by our pastor where we served in California. The next week we joined the church.

The property we had put a down payment on was soon to have builders building our new home. We gave the owner 1/3 of the asking price for the house and building was underway. When the property was half way finished, we paid another 1/3 of the price and upon completion we paid the final payment, so we had a new home and it was all paid for. We moved into our home on November 14, 1990.

There was one really funny thing that happened while our house was being built.  One morning early the ICE agents came to the building site.  When one of the green card workers saw the agent, he ran as fast as he could across the field.  The agent caught up to the worker and brought him back to the site.  The contractor told the agent the man had fogotten his green card.

After the agent left the contractor ask the worker in Spanish, "why did you run?"

In Spanish, the worker said, " I ran because I couldn't fly, man."


This is a time in our lives where we wanted to be in a little less hurried world than in the Southern California, so we took a vacation to travel and decide to buy property in New Mexico where we moved later in the same year.
The photo is of the modest home we built.
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