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part B

A chapter in the book AM I HUMAN

Chapter 11 b

by dmt1967

There were four beds in the hut and a dim night light. His companions left him the bed closest to the door. As he walked in Jason looked up.  “ How was your talk?”

Jake climbed into bed and lay on his back. “It was fine. My mums been taken hostage and the general wants me and Hassorev on the recue party.”

Hassorev raised his eyebrows. “Is it just us three?

Jake tried to sound casual. “No, this kid called Callore is going as well.”   

Hassorev sat bolt upright. “I’ve heard about it,” he spat. “Half human and half vampire, not to be trusted.”

Jake sighed. “They’re okay. I’ve met them.”

“Well cousin, you can trust an untouchable vermin if you want to. As for me, I’m going to keep my weapon very close to me at all times.” Hassorev turned his back to Jake and fell asleep.

Jake tilted his head and glared at his cousin’s back, to think I actually thought I loved you.

Derek yawned, closed his eyes and fell asleep in minutes as well.

Jason sat up on his elbows. “So when do we leave?”

Jake shook his head. “Not you, Jason, not this time. This mission is too dangerous for a mere human. Adrian will look after you and Derek.”

The darkness hid the look of pain, which appeared on Jason’s face at that remark. “Well hurry back, and be careful. I don’t want to lose you.”

Jake glanced at his friend and saw the love in his eyes. He knew exactly what those words meant. He gave a nervous laugh, “You won’t.”

“Jake,” Jason whispered in the dark.

“Yes,” Jake answered as a cold shiver went up his spine.

“If you ever feel different, tell me. Don’t let me overhear it or learn about it another way.”

Jake closed his eyes. I should tell him now. Tell him about Callore…

“I love you, you know.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jake mumbled. After the rescue, I will tell him I can only love him as a friend. That my heart is entwined with a hazel-eyed humpire who captured my soul the moment I met her. Tomorrow I will have more time to make him understand…

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