Fantasy Fiction posted October 27, 2014

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Story- A high flight of imagination.


by RPSaxena

Last night I dreamed that I was roaming on a secluded beach. It was pleasant summer evening. The sun seemed to be gradually slipping into the calm sea.  All of a sudden, a cloudy funnel shaped thing swooped down on me and in a twinkling of an eye, carried me into the high sky. I was utterly shocked at the unexpected happenings. 

Soon I heard a voice: “Now we are entering the core of the Milky-Way.” Bewildered, I looked all around, but nothing tangible was to be found anywhere. 
“Don’t worry. Feel yourself in the right hands. See outside and enjoy the heavenly sight.” I heard the same voice. 
By the grace of some supernatural powers, I had started feeling self-confidence and began to enjoy fabulous sight of the celestial bodies. Numerous stars, planets and other such bodies were moving / revolving smoothly on their fixed path in a systematic way. No jam, No collision, No confusion!

“We are on the outskirt of Milky-Way and preparing to leave for the farthest galaxy of this universe.” The same voice announced and suggested “Treat us as your friends. Find another mask beside you and Put it on.” -  Zoooooooooooooom!
“Again, we are on the voyage at the speed of mind’s waves. Enjoy other galaxies on the way to our destination,” said the invisible aliens.
 Soon the same mild voice: “Hey friend! Now we are on the ‘SWEETLAND’ – the largest planet of MACSO647-JD galaxy which is about 13.3 billion light years away from the earth.” 
“Wow!” The word expressing amazement came out of my mouth automatically.
Smiling and patting my back, an alien said, “The unique mask which you are wearing is fitted with some invisible instruments having supernatural qualities. It will enable you to understand others’ feelings, wordings and sounds easily. You can have whatever is worth having. Go and enjoy the pleasant surroundings.”
“Okay” I said with a thanks giving smile. 

Then towards the colorful dusk, the same aliens, who were actually important officers of the planet’s governing body, appeared before me and enquired, “Hello! How are you feeling here?”
“Excellent!  It deserves its name.” spontaneously the words passed through my mouth. 
They got enthused and started speaking, “Yes, its climate is sweet, its atmosphere is sweet, its water - even its oceans’ water is sweet and its inhabitants are of sweet nature.”
Seeing my curiosity, they continued, “Here you see people of different sizes, shapes and colors. The blue ones are the original inhabitants of this planet while the others have been brought from the habitable zones of various galaxies in the universe. To be open minded and pure hearted is the only condition. It’s treated as Passport and Visa to the SWEETLAND.”

Finding me awe-struck, they said, “You fulfil this condition. That’s why you have been brought here. You can live here as long as you like or can go back to the earth. We’ll help you in both the cases. Now the choice is yours.”
“What I have to do?” I said showing my willingness to stay there.
“Nothing, just press the ‘consent button’ here,” I was guided towards a strange machine.

I was about to press the button, but just then – a thunderous blast and everything was lost forever! 
Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I rushed to the balcony of my 4th floor flat. I found some terrorists had bombarded a grand commercial center near my residence leaving there only death and destruction. It was like a fall from the heaven to the hell.
Alas! I lost what I had almost got!!

Flash Fiction Writing Contest contest entry


The story is mostly a flight of imagination and doesn't boast of being based on scientific research/facts.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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