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Cassius explains his actions to Julia and Trellitia.

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

Trellitia Tries to Reason With Julia

by michaelcahill

Two soulmates meet through time and are drawn together in spite of impossible circumstances. They are unaware of their connection when human.
Previously, Coversations continued in earnest. Valerius consulted with Gregorio and Rastavius continued to work on the thinking of Leopold. Leopold easily was swayed by the thinking of Rastavius and his forceful manner of speaking. He found sense and truth in the arguments set forth by him. Valerius, likewise, listened to the teachings of Gregorio and came to see the importance of keeping Leopold at arms length and Julia under a watchful eye. Cassius decided to test his leg against the advice of Valerius. Julia came close to getting the two of them in trouble by speaking Persian to some prisoners being escorted by soldiers. Cassius thought quickly and the troops moved on without incident. We continue now as Trellitia pays a visit to Cassius to check on his leg.

~~~~~~~Trellitia visits Cassius and Julia

Upon arriving at home, Cassius and Julia found that Trellitia had been waiting for them.
"You look to have been exerting yourself, Cassius. Or, am I to believe that the day has become hotter since I arrived here more than an hour ago?"
Cassius looked down at the ground. There was a memory from his childhood of running through the forest laughing in fear having seen the witch as the sun set. It had been a dare from his mates that sent him near her stoop to peek in the window. But, she had happened to exit her house at that same moment. She cried out, startled at his presence. He took off running, fearing the sound to be an unholy cry of some sort.

Trellitia smiled and considered Julia.
Julia had no fear of Trellitia and put no stock in talk of witches even as a very young child. In fact, she claimed to know Trellitia as a great healer adept in medicines and healing herbs. "He merely sought to test the soundness of his limb, M'lady. I accompanied him to see to his safety. We decided that healing is not complete after all. Another week perhaps for some of the stiffness to go away. He is proud, you might imagine, and wishes to carry his weight on the family's farm."
"I see. I am pleased that no further harm has come to him. The healing by Valerius is uncommon. It would be most shameful to waste such a gift in haste and damage it once again before it is sound."
"Agreed. It was a most impressive feat of healing, though I am not surprised. Valerius has a long history of healing. In the olden days of the great hunts, there was many a terrible wound that needed tending. He proved most clever and helped several tribesman through difficult winters. Cassius himself once endured the harshness of winter under the hand of Valerius, though he has no recollection of it."
Trellitia knew of Julia's visions and fantasies, but had never spoken to her of them. Her husband deemed them a sickness of the mind and not uncommon. Many physicians found relief through music and creative outlets, like basket weaving or painting. Still others found that exhausting exercise could silence the intrusive voices and dim the visions of the over active mind. Of course, the church had its methods. They did not bode well for those that suffered such afflictions. The involvement of the church often resulted in death. The church called it the releasing of the soul. Indeed, the soul takes flight, but the body is certainly going nowhere.
Cassius seemed pleased to have the conversation take a turn that focused on Julia rather than him. "I cannot speak to what I have no memory of. Valerius is but nineteen years old, Julia. When would he have performed these feats? He is only recently come to the practice of the healing arts. You speak of ancient times, yet his time is short."
"There are many times, Cassius. This is but one time of many. They follow, one after the other. How can you not remember hunting the beast and the pain of its horn piercing your shoulder? If not for Valerius, your soul would have surely left your body on the ice that day."
Trellitia spoke up. "Perhaps Cassius only remembers the life he lives now. That seems to be the way of things, Julia. I sense that I may have been acquainted with someone at some point unknown to me, but I have no memory of it. I simply feel it, almost like I feel the spirit of our maker within me guiding me between right and wrong. You can see that it might appear strange to him that you remember what he remembers not?"
"Perhaps. Perhaps it appears strange. But, it appears equally strange to me that he does not remember what is so clear in my own memory. Then I find him to be deceptive today and that disturbs me for I find no reason to deceive."
Cassius turned red in the face. "Deceived? Whatever do you mean, sister?"
"The Persian slaves, Cassius. You saw them under guard, as did I. You referred to them and prevented me from addressing them further. Then you denied that you saw them at all. Why would you do such a thing?"
"Yes. I did deceive you. I feared for your safety. Are you not sensible enough to see the danger you would be in if you were to interfere with soldiers and their prisoners? You are but a farm girl tilling the fields. Would you free the prisoners with an ox team and a plow? What was I to do? Indeed, how is it that you were able to converse in fluid Persian with the prisoner? You have never left this village or attended school."
"I have told you many times that I was a slave under Roman rule for many years. Valerius himself was my master. Then he saved my life on the battlefield. He saw who I was. He remembered. But, then he was gone. Now, he has returned. I don't know the way of things. It is all too much for me to comprehend."
Trellitia spoke softly, "Child, hear me as a friend to you and to Valerius. You speak of things that do not exist on this Earth at this time. They may have existed at another time. Perhaps a time long ago. Valerius as he exists now is not the same man that you remember from those many years before. He is a man that lives now… not then. You are a woman that lives now not then. Do you understand? It doesn't matter what is in your mind even if it is the truth. What matters is now, this life."
Julia's expression hardened. "I understand that I am living this life as is Valerius. You must understand that this life is a part of the life I have lived. It is one life and this is a part of it. I cannot speak for Valerius. I can only speak to what I know of him and what I remember."
"Yes, yes, Julia. That is all understood. What was his name when he was the Roman? What was your name when you were his slave? There are no Persians named Julia. It is a Roman name."
"I do not remember our names. I remember very few names. I remember that Leopold the priest was once named Farth. I recall the name Artabanus as my father. But, he is not the same father that I have now. There are others. This is of no consequence. Will you empty my mind? No? Then what am I to do. Ignore what I see and hear. Pay no heed to what I remember?"
"No, Julia. Of course not. But, you are in danger. People do not understand. You must listen to Valerius. He wants to help you. You yourself say that you know him and that you have known him for an untold number of years. You must pay heed to what he tells you. Search your heart and you will see he is your friend. Surely, you see that I am your friend? Your family, father, your brother Cassius here, do you not see they all wish you well?"
"Ay. Yes. I do see. Very well. I will pay heed. But, I know what I know. That will not change."



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