Writing Non-Fiction posted October 8, 2014

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For Saying The Wrong Thing

I Will Tear You To Ribbons

by country ranch writer

I read a story here while I was getting some work done. I write for awhile and read for awhile so my fan story fans get my undivided attention. I get a few done each day and some in the evening. I was really shocked by this person whom I do not know. I was being polite on his first part of his story because I hadn't read the whole story, it was in two parts. I said "It sounds like your trip down memory lane had been an eventful one trudging along the way with all these people unfolding this escapade."

The person was offended, so he then sent more aggressive words to me. This time as if he was writing another essay.

The paper reads as follows.

I would have much rather heard your honest views instead of your generic comments blowing smoke up my ass. A ten thousand word essay and all you have to say is"Your trip down memory lane has been eventful"? Wow! That's deep. Don't worry about being falsely kind to me. That does no one any favors.

This may be news to you, but fiction is all about tearing peoples lives apart as you say,although examining them in more accurate description. The very essence of writing is who did what to "Whom." People's lives is what fiction is all about. Ever read Hamlet? Ever read..oh I don't know..every book ever written? What the hell are you going to write about if not people acting as they do in real life? Not everyone is a paragon of virtue.

Furthermore, I'll reply to my comments as I please. Since yours was insincere and dishonest,how exactly were they going to help me as a writer?

I thought I was being kind to him and I told him I don't like tearing people apart. We were here to help each other kindness not rudeness. If he is going to be this way he can take the rest of his story and shove it for I will never give a review to his work ever again. That is a promise you can take to the bank as my Grandpa used to say. We do not need snarks in our waters. His name has been left out for privacy reasons but he knows who he is. This person seems to be highly full of himself so we will leave it at that.

In the mean time I will go back to doing what I do best being me, hey, maybe he needs to read "My Sanctuary." I now must return to the land of the Ranger And The Cowboy. This story still needs some more excitement so we will see you on the inside down on the ranch where the excitement is going on.


This to me should be under horror stories listed under nightmares. If a person wants to be rude he can go some where else there is no room for him here.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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