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Vision and Sound inhabit new bodies on Earth.

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

Physician & Patient: Pt. 1

by michaelcahill

Two souls encounter each other through various lifetimes on Earth. As humans they are unaware that they are connected.
For those of you who haven't been following. This is the story of two souls that are closely bonded. They encounter each other over and over again in several lifetimes as humans on Earth. As humans they are unaware of the souls that are inside of them and their connection. They have encountered each other in previous lifetimes and are about to begin new lives on Earth in new human bodies.
Previously, Vision known as Vi and Sound known as Sam were on Earth as a Roman Soldier named Tibertin and a Persian slave girl named Allutia. They discovered their connection or attraction to each other, but the circumstances involved were more than they could overcome. Tibertin was killed in battle and returned to Heaven. Allutia lived out the remainder of her life and returned as well. We continue now as Vi and Sam are about to return to Earth and live new lives. It is 500 AD and we are about to meet the humans that will house their souls.

~~~~~~~~Vi returns to Earth

Vi returned to Earth in unfortunate circumstances. Her family loved her as much as they did her brothers and sisters. Her birth came about in the usual way and complications didn't cause the maladies that would afflict her and manifest themselves early in life. The body that contained her had a brain that didn't function normally. Given the level of medicine at the time, 500AD, the future could look nothing but grim for her.
Her parents named her Julia, a name that commonly meant youthful among other things. Julia would turn out to be an ironic name, for this child seemed to live in a world of make believe, and matters of an adult nature never found a foothold in her psyche. Her family feared for her life due to the attitudes of the time, and sheltered her from the world.
There were those that considered mental afflictions to be like a disease and therefore treatable. There were therapies available and some even proved effective. The greater preponderance of opinion lay in the realm of religious beliefs. Demon possession or weak moral character held sway as the more likely cause of any mental defect. Religious thinking considered it a weakness rather than a disease. It could prove to be quite dangerous to go against the thinking of religious leaders.

~~~~~~~Sam returns to Earth

Sam had no affliction to deal with. He didn't have a family of any particular note, but they did well and survived in a harsh environment through hard work and knowledge of the land. Survival alone had to be considered well-to-do on a relative scale that included wealth on one end and poverty on the other with nothing in between. The upper end of poverty took education and hard work. It took common sense as well.
They named him Valerius. The name means to be healthy and strong. While it applied to him in particular, it more applied as a desire within him for others. Valerius concerned himself with the afflictions of others. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he seldom had even common ailments befall him. Many a winter saw his family down with a common winter virus and Valerius the only one healthy. He learned what medicine was available and could be counted on by the village to be a help should anyone fall ill. He even devised his own treatments and there were villagers that would swear their life to be a gift from the skilled hands of the Physician Valerius.
But, I get ahead of myself. As I said, Julia's family wisely kept her hidden. I don't wish to give the impression that the average villager was of a cruel or fanatical nature, they were not. As is often the case, it is the powers that be determining how a life is lived to a great degree. A village where the religious leaders held considerable sway made for a lifestyle that adhered to a structure that conformed to the mores and doctrines that they set forth. It brought trouble to do otherwise, it brought peace to acquiesce.
As an infant and even a toddler, it didn't prove to be difficult keeping young Julia under wraps. Her brothers and sisters cared for her and found her whimsical ways to be charming and endearing. She seemed most clever though her thinking didn't appear to be of things that were real. She lived in a world of ghosts and fantastic animals. Her brother, Cassius, was but a year older and a willing playmate.
"Quick, Cassius, climb the tree and make noise. The beast will be confused. Then I will slay it for supper. Father will be so proud!"
"I'm off then to the tree. Strike it in the heart, Julia. Right in the heart!"
Julia seemed to see the beast as she stalked what Cassius thought to be something completely imaginary. Julia lunged forward and shouted, "Ahhhhh!"
Cassius scrambled down the tree and joined her, "Ahhhh!"
"We've done it. I can't wait to tell Father. This will get us through the winter. We have saved the clan, Cassius. It was just like before. I knew it would work!"
Julia ran in circles and Cassius joined her. It looked like children at play only Julia played in a world that only she could see.
She talked of battles on the land and at sea and of people, which no one had ever heard of. She even talked to a couple of her brothers as though they were there too. Her brother Cassius was but a year older. He enjoyed the games, but didn't understand them for the most part. To him it was fun play and nothing more.
There was no animosity towards her. Her visions and fantasies were of no harm to anyone. There existed an underlying sadness that she didn't seem able to enjoy the real things in life though. Her family wondered if she understood that Cassius was her real life brother or just some fantasy character in her made up world. Her spirit was one of affection and happiness. It would be difficult to be around her and not find oneself smiling.
As the years passed, however, Julia became less and less satisfied with the confinement to the small farm that the family worked to get by. Her curiosity was great and her desire to explore and interact with people strong. In spite of the delusional nature of her existence, she was nonetheless drawn to people and wished to have them join in her fantasies. Many though were fearful of her and thought her to be possessed by demons.
"Your child needs to be seen by the priest. She is with demons. It is a most dangerous matter. I fear for my own safety being near her." More than one villager had spoken those words with the wide eyes of a fanatic.
Julia's father would laugh it off as nonsense, but the accusations were becoming more frequent. The church supported those views and it became clear by the time that Julia was sixteen years old that safety could only be guaranteed through isolation. Julia did not enjoy isolation. She did not understand it either.
Julia looked forlorn as she spoke to her father, "There is no escape, Father. Is not death more honorable? They have no choice but to enslave us. They are slaves themselves. Don't you see? They are slaves that have no choice. There is no difference."
"Child, I won't have you speak of such things. I only want to protect you. We are not slaves. We work the land and sell our wares and provide for ourselves. People don't know you like we do and they fear you. It is safer for you to stay here with those that love you."
Cassius seemed to have a way with her, "Would I allow harm to you? We will lay low and bide our time. When the time is right, we will make our move. It is all strategy. You must be patient. Now, we will do as Father says for the time being. He is wise and the leader of our clan."
Julia smiled slightly. "True, everything does not happen overnight. I know that. Sometimes the suffering is long and arduous. The feeling of triumph though is more the sweet for the wait. Do you think that Artabanus comes for us soon?"
Cassius smiled at his sister. "I imagine he plans his move carefully."
For Julia, the memories of Vision were clear. She didn't know where they came from and Vi was not conscious within her. Something in her brain made them more than vague hunches or feelings. Julia saw them in front of her and remembered them as though she had experienced them herself. It didn't occur to her to analyze the logic of it. This was how she was and she knew nothing else.

~~~~~~~The farm of Valerius' family

"Let me try something, Father."
"Son, it is best to put the creature out of its misery. Such is the way of a caring farmer."
Valerius looked anxiously at the sheep that shivered in front of him. "I think that I can help him. He shakes like my sister when she comes wet from the stream. She sits by the hearth and her shaking ceases. Let me try, Father."
"Very well, Son, only one night. I don't want him to suffer needlessly. Perhaps you can help him. You do have a way about you."
Valerius stayed up the night with the sheep and tended to it. By morning, it had stopped shaking.
"Well, he doesn't look well, Son, but I will grant that he looks better. If he continues to improve, you may continue your treatment. Well done, Son."
Valerius smiled. His father was not one to praise. "Thank you, Father, I am hopeful."



A little more "tell" than I like, but had to establish some things. Hope it didn't drag too much. Hope you will be as forthcoming with input and suggestions as always. You are lifesavers. Thank you.

Valerius is pronounced-Va-leer-ee-us

Vision also called Vi occupying Julia in this lifetime

Sound also called Sam occupying Valerius in this lifetime

Cassius-Julia's older brother by one year

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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