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Vi and Sam find themselves as enemies.

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

Born Enemies

by michaelcahill

Two souls encounter each other over several lifetimes.
Previously, Vi and Sam were in human form in prehistoric times. The tribe they were in planned a dangerous hunt of the woolly mammoth due to dwindling food supplies. The plan seemed familiar to some of the tribe as it was similar to an experience they shared thousands of years earlier. The results this time were disasterous. We continue now as Vi and Sam return to Earth around 700BC.

Finally, Sam returned to Earth around 700 BC. He joined the military at a young age, as was the custom. At age thirty-seven, Sam occupied a high-ranking male, known as Tibertin in the military of the Roman Republic. He had some wealth and prestige and amongst his holdings was a slave girl named Allutia. This was Vi who had come to Earth some fifteen years after Sam. She had once been well to do among her people and did not take kindly to slavery. Her hatred of Tibertin was known even to him.
Her feelings were of little consequence to him. A slave that hated slavery did not raise eyebrows. Slaves came from peoples that were bested militarily. These often included people of nobility and prominence in their former lives. Vengeance stewed somewhere inside of every slave and Allutia proved to be no exception.
Tibertin had great skill as a strategist and showed courage in battle. A man in his position no longer had to engage in physical combat. His position was one of a planner. He was much admired for he always joined his men on the field and held back nothing in skirmishes. Many a soldier in arms owed their lives to Tibertin. In kind, he owed his life to many a comrade as well.
He also had great skills that were incongruous with those of a fighting man. He told great tales of battle and regaled many a campfire. He had skills with music, which were rare even among the aristocracy. He could converse with nobility on any topic and hold his own. Yet, he had the sense to display humility and demure to the status of his hosts.
Allutia had grown into great beauty and that fact did not escape Tibertin. He found himself drawn to her in spite of the eagerness of so many other beauties wishing to gain favor with the master of the house. Tibertin preferred a willing encounter, but it reached a point where he would simply take what was his.
"Allutia, you will come to my chambers this evening after supper."
"Yes. May I ask the task you require of me?"
"It will be pleasant and not really a task at all. I wish to spend time with you. I'm offering you an evening of company and conversation." Tibertin smiled. The smile was genuine, but there was a nervousness to it as well.
Allutia turned pale. "Are you saying that you wish to rape me this evening?"
"Rape? Well, I wouldn't call it that. I would hope that it would be enjoyable for you as well."
"How could I enjoy being savaged by the man that denies my freedom?"
Tibertin paused and looked out the window. I don't know why it matters to me, but I need her to be willing. Her. Her and no other. I will get no pleasure from forcing her. "It isn't me Allutia. This is the way of things. I am but a part of a grander whole. One nation competes with another and to the victor goes the goods and holdings of the victor. It is not my system. It is how it is."
"How easy for you to stand there and take no responsibility for any part of it. You don't seem to find a damn thing wrong with it. It is fine with you that I was dragged from my home and thrown in a cell. Just fine that a woman of education and skills toils in your fields and fetches your water from the lake. Certainly no objection to stripping me naked and having your way with me. I know that won't bother you in the least. It is how it is. It isn't your doing. It isn't your arm that swings the sword. It isn't your mouth that barks the orders to your servants. It isn't your body that will soon violate mine in a most unwelcome and vile way."
"NO! I won't do that. I'm a soldier. What would you have me do on a battlefield? Blow kisses to the enemy that is trying to kill me." Tibertin started doing a kind of silly ballet and blew kisses to imaginary adversaries. "Oh dear, that sword looks awfully sharp kind sir. It would be ever so unkind of you to cut my head off with it. How would that look to my poor mother?" I'm losing my mind. What the hell am I doing dancing around making a fool of myself? I must get a grip here. She's just a slave. A maddening one at that. "Well, you see how silly your contentions are. In any case, I've no need to rape a woman or force my way on one either. If you aren't interested, that is your loss."
Allutia burst out laughing. She may have been more surprised than Tibertin at her outburst. She put her hand over her mouth and turned a bright shade of red. "I'm sorry. It is just so amusing watching your dance to your enemy. I can't help but imagine it on the battlefield. Can you imagine the looks on their faces? I dare say it would bring the battle to a halt. I believe that you have devised a new battle strategy!"
Tibertin began to laugh as well. The sound of her laughter filled his ears like the most intoxicating elixir cupid had ever concocted. In a few moments, he regained himself. "Yes, well, I was trying to illustrate the fallacies of your argument. I'm not the barbarian you perceive. In any case I won't bother you again."

Allutia regained herself and found that his words brought her sadness instead of the relief that she would expect. What is this? I should be pleased. But, this is nothing like I expected. I haven't laughed in years. Ha! Right in the middle of a heated argument, he does a silly routine. …my poor mother! I should thank my good fortune and run out of here. But, now I think I feel like staying. "I perhaps spoke out of turn regarding your intentions. If that is so then I apologize. You must understand that I once had my own home that was comparable to this. Now, I am a lowly servant here. What did I do to warrant this? Nothing that I can determine."
"I see that. I am not uneducated. Perhaps I can see to it that your skills are put to better use. Maybe a position on the house staff. Well, I don't know if you'd be interested, but I do have artistic pursuits, music and storytelling and such. I could use assistance with that. There is the occasional show and entertainment for the higher ups from time to time. Well… you think about it."
Tibertin escorted Allutia to the door and opened it for her. She had calmed down and realized that her behavior was dangerous to her wellbeing and that she was lucky with Tibertin's response to it.
"Thank you," he said. "I hope you will consider what I've said and perhaps an offer to improve your situation. It is the best that I can offer."
She smiled. "Yes, I will. You have been very tolerant and understanding. I will take your thoughts to heart. Good night."
He walked over and poured himself a drink. A knock on the door drew his attention. Could it be her? No. What a silly thought. He walked over and opened the door.

"I see your evening with Allutia ended early. I thought you might like some company."
Travalia didn't even look twenty-two years old. She looked younger than her actual age. He knew from experience that her company was most satisfying. She wore next to nothing and left no doubt as to her willingness to fulfill whatever Tibertin could dream of fulfilling.
"No. I'm weary this evening. But, soon. I wish to see you soon." He managed a warm smile. How could I not be interested in Travalia? I do need a drink and a good night's rest.


This is going much slower than usual for me. A much more difficult write. Getting to were it is going is proving difficult. I know what is there once I get there though. Ha! I very much appreciate the candid input you're giving me. It is truly keeping me from going way off track. Open to all input and suggestions. Thank you so much.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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