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Vision and Sound encounter each other on Earth.

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

A Threatening Orphan

by michaelcahill

Two souls encounter each other an unusual number of times as they return to Earth in various lifetimes. We follow them in their journey and perhaps they discover an answer as to why.
Previously, we learned that Vision and Sound are two souls that live in what, for convenience, is being referred to as Heaven. Our guide and story teller is Magic Felix, a soul that has special abilities. He has the ability to remember the events of the past lives of all the souls and is aware of being a soul when he is human. No other soul is aware of any other existance when they are human. Thus, to a human, the life they are living appears to be the only life they will live. We continue the story now as Vision is about to encounter Sound for the very first time on Earth in a physical existence.

By human reckoning Vision first encountered Sound on Earth some eighty thousand years ago. Their hosts were close ancestors of homo sapiens and highly intelligent. Vision held a prominent position of leadership in his clan. Leadership had little meaning in those times. Cleverness gained some degree of prominence and deference though. 

Vision devised simple strategies when hunting the larger prey of the day. Through simple distraction and stealth he had managed to direct the slaying of an adult wooly mammoth. While the clan's hunters prepared for a frontal assault, a young Vision had climbed a nearby tree and had begun shouting at the beast. The beast looked into the tree to see what might be causing such an unwelcome racket in its domain.

With the mammoth distracted, the remaining hunters snuck up and impaled the large creature on their spears. The fierceness of the blows, delivered all at once, brought the beast to its knees where it was easily dispatched. A hunt so free of death and injury had never occurred before. 

Vision led this small tribe by virtue of a slightly more clever intellect. It meant that he had a better cut of meat and held favor with the ladies of the group. In a sense, position and power factored in to a man's attractiveness even in the earliest days of man's existence, so to speak.

Sound sat alone in a clearing, at the age of six, with everything that meant anything to him gone. The reason or reasons that found him there alone came with no meaningful explanation. Speculation included attack by beasts or even another tribe. Maybe he wandered away from his family and became lost. The world contained endless methods for one's demise or estrangement. 

Vision paused to contemplate Sound sitting there alone in the clearing. His fellow tribes people paused in curiosity. Curious that Vision paused. They had little interest in the child. They weren't without feeling. Feeling and compassion couldn't take precedence over survival. That mindset served survival well. Another mouth to feed and another body to defend held no benefit to outweigh the terrible risk that a helpless mouth to feed brought along with it.

The standard response would be an averted glance tinged lightly with sorrow for the child's plight. The pace of the journey at hand wouldn't slow and the thought of rescue wouldn't occur to anyone. That was the reality of the times. It seems to lack compassion, but it doesn't. Compassion reaches a point where it becomes impractical. There is a limit to the wishes of a heart in the face of reality. There is food enough for ten and a thousand are hungry. Many will starve, it isn't for lack of caring.

Sound caught the eye of Vision and smiled. He rose to his feet and began to imitate one of the elderly in Sounds clan that had a limp. The other travelers found the mimicking to be strange and had little reaction to it. Vision found it amusing. Amusing rarely found a home in anyone's mindset in those times. Relief seemed to be the highest level of satisfaction that could be expected in a practical sense. Resignation and foreboding constituted the normal range of emotions.

Vision laughed at the antics of Sound. Most of the tribe looked on in bewilderment. A few, however, joined in the rare sounds that came from Vision. Vision walked over to Sound and grabbed his hand. He took Sound over to one of the females in the tribe and placed his hand in hers. She took his hand and their journey continued.

The rest of the tribe did not approve, but no one had a level of heartlessness to protest. That, and the esteem for Vision that the tribe held, insured that Sound had found a new life as part of this tribe that fortunately had traveled by at the right time. Lucky too that the leader of the tribe found Sound amusing.

Of course, they had names in their physical existance. But, they would carry little meaning to you and be extremely difficult to pronounce. Imagine trying to lift a waterbed out of a frame and press it over your head. Vision's name would sound similar to the cry you would make after an hour of trying.

The rarity of an event like this cannot be overstated. For the souls observing it, it gave rise to endless discussion. Indeed, it is discussed to this day and held as a milestone in human development. The irony doesn't escape us either. There is little doubt that a human today would even consider those individuals braving the harshness of those times to be connected to them in any way. 

It is likely that most humans today would consider them to be monkey's mimicking human behavior albeit in a darling and endearing way. Well, I'll try to keep my opinions to myself and tell the story. I do agree though, the words of Magic Felix are fascinating. Ha!

Vision had enough power in the tribe to insure Sound's inclusion and survival. Sound continued with his penchant for mimicry which included the ability to mock the sounds of various animals. This came in handy when hunting as Sound could draw various game and fowl in for the kill by imitating their vocalizations. This also served to make him a more valued member of the tribe.

Vision passed away when Sound had reached the age of eleven. The sound of laughter became rare. Sound missed Vision terribly, but carried on and remained a prominent member of the tribe. No one emerged as the leader that Vision had been. The techniques that Vision had taught the tribe lived on and following generations utilized them though unaware of their true origins.

Vision observed Sound from Heaven with some interest, but with a realization of infinite time, observations and interests are not as intense as one would expect viewing from the human perspective of a finite existence. Vision would encounter Sound here in Heaven soon. It is not a matter of faith or hope in Heaven, it is a certainty. Remember, some of these terms, like 'Heaven', I use for your reference points only. We don't call our home Heaven, we call it home.

Both had been to Earth before. We are even able to go and roam as souls without any corporal existence at all. There is the ability to influence with our thoughts, but it is rare that we do this in spite of what humans believe. There are infinite possibilities and we have infinite time at least in terms that you might be comfortable with. So, to interfere is of little value to us. But, there is fun. Fun is underrated by humans, as is laughter. You do tend to be boring at times. (Imagine that I have winked!)

In any case, this was the first time that they encountered each other on Earth. A few thousand years later they would encounter each other again. In the meantime they rejoined us here. They knew each other and they knew that something existed between them. But, there would be endless time to consider that.



Your input has been wonderful. I do know where this ends up. I don't exactly know how it gets there though! Any ideas or suggestions will be seriously considered. There is a lot of room withing the story to explore and I'm more than happy to do that. Thank you so much. Some great improvements already to the first parts. Big smiles!!
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