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An introduction to Vision and Sound

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

Prologue: Magic Felix

by michaelcahill

The story of Vision and Sound spans time beyond that measured by humans. "Their story" is about two souls and their existance. "Their stories" are confined to those times when they have been on Earth as humans either together or separately.

The story is about their entire existence as souls and the journey they have taken. They are considered unique among souls in their connection to each other. The concept of soul mates is known here where souls reside. We understand and appreciate the term and human understanding of it. Vision and Sound exhibit that connection in ways that even we find difficult to explain.
They have both been on Earth many times and lived many lives. They have lived alone. They have been on Earth at the same time, unaware of each other. But, they have been on Earth an extraordinary number of times when they have found each other.
They have often embraced destiny as though they knew it stood in front of them with open arms. Awareness could never be more than a feeling, but sometimes it felt as though an invisible hand pulled them gently towards each other.
It is important that an understanding of our nature is established to properly tell their story and their stories.
Their story is a tale of two souls. Souls reside in what you would be comfortable in calling Heaven. I am satisfied with that as a name and a general concept. I could only confuse the matters at hand with further explanation.
I am also a soul. I reside there as well and know them both. I have certain abilities that other souls don't have. Again, the details and an overly detailed explanation would only cause confusion. I am a soul who knows what it is like to be human and remembers being human in detail. I know of the human lives of all souls. I know what souls have learned as humans and what they need to learn.
The other souls know when they are souls and they know when they are human. A human does not recall being a soul and what it is like to be one. The souls are aware of humans and can influence and even interact with them if they wish. But, they are not of great interest to them. Souls are of interest to each other.

Souls spend vast amounts of time discussing what has occured in lives spent on Earth. What was created? What good things were accomplished? What unfortunate acts were committed? Souls are more apt to observe than they are to intervene. After all, we do know that there is no real danger in anything that happens on Earth. All end up back here safe and sound. What is important is the learning.
You see? It is confusing already and I am stating this in the most simplistic terms I can possibly impart to you. I can safely tell you that you are a soul. You have lived here and you will live here again. You have met me and I know who you are. I tell you that almost solely to amuse you for you have no knowledge of it. You have no basis to believe it or not to believe it. But, your reaction to it would be the same as the two individuals in this story if they happened to be reading this as humans.
Now, listen, as this is important. A soul is altered by being human. A soul retains what it experiences as a human. It brings those experiences back as part of themselves. When it returns to being a human, those parts are already there and they do influence what reactions occur in the new life that begins. I'll leave it at that for now. Once again, confusion begins just thinking about it, doesn't it?
You can call me, Magic Felix. It's just a name that I came up with to amuse myself. Some of the other souls find it amusing. Some of the souls find it obnoxious. I find that amusing.
We call the two souls, Vision and Sound. Souls are not male or female, only humans are. Vision is a soul that has evolved into a being that relies on sight and visual stimulus to interpret the world. Sound relies on sound or the lack of sound. Sound is a name given partially in jest. Sound is not one to give speeches. Sound listens and speaks when it is time and usually with well thought out and chosen words that tend to be the last words.

That is simplistic and you will find that old souls like these are not simple. But, names will help identify them at least.
Of course, those are traits and names. Vision could be born as a human that is blind. Sound could be born into a family of politicians and live a life groomed for speech giving on the stump seeking office.
There is a great deal more to tell of the nature of souls and the workings of our home. When do we return to earth as humans? How many times do we come back? Are we ever through coming and going? Is there a time when we move on to something higher? Are we in danger of being discarded? Is there a hell? Is there a God? Which religion is the right one?
Well, I am not going to answer most of those questions. Those are for you to decide. If you knew, there would be no need to find out now, would there? If you have to find out then that seems to give life an important purpose doesn't it? Yes, it is a good plan.
Let's get on with the story. There will be plenty of time to discuss all of this. Too much of this will give you a headache. Anyway, I feel like telling some tales about my two favorite souls.
I take you back now about eighty thousand years to their first encounter as humans. Though the beings they inhabited were not exactly homo sapiens, they were nonetheless no more than a step away from becoming that. I reference time because you referrence time. We have no use for it. I am aware that you do.
Coming next, chapter one:

A Threatening Orphan




I discovered upon reading the original story that I'm going to have to rewrite almost all of it. I seem to be a better writer than I used to be! Well, for once, I have a direction and a basic story line to referrence. That is a new one for me. As always, critique, suggestions and input of all kinds is most appreciated. I am a novice when it comes to novels. So, help is needed and received with gratitude.

I'm calling this a fantasy though I am not sure that fantasy is the proper term. There are even elements of biography in this. So... any thoughts?


Magic Felix: Narrator. A soul with special abilities. It is never stated, but appears to be the soul that is in charge.

Vision- An old soul that interprets the world relying on visual input.

Sound- Another old soul that relies on sound to interpret the world. A great listener that is usually going to offer the last word due to diligent consideration of all sides.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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