Humor Poetry posted August 25, 2014

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The Feast for Beasts

by Eternal Muse

    The animals gathered for FanStory chat -
    Giraffes and monkeys and Bitty the Bat,
    the lions and antelopes, tigers and more
    to share FS latest and settle the score.

    OK, said the elephant - who wants to share?
    We've got lots of subjects to handle "with care"
    Reviewers, for one - oh, they drive me insane!
    The arrogant losers, they are such a pain!

    You're right, said the lion - I got one today:
    "Review of the century" - blew me away
    He said that my contest Haiku is too long!
    I know his hard-boiled type, they are never wrong.

                      rainbow prism
                      illuminates the sky
                      nature show

     And here's his review, so you know what I mean:
     "Your haiku's creative, and paints a fine scene.
     Twelve syllables, though, I think is too long -
     Though it does have potential, don't get me wrong."

      Oh, yeah, said the Bat - and what gets me berserk -
      the site rules say we can't defend our own work!
      I reckon, the Bible reads "turn other cheek" --
      But I tell you, that doctrine's for spineless and meek!
     Giraffe was waiting for her friends to vent
     They finally finished, all burnt-out and spent
     - With my long neck, guys, it will take me a while
     to get what you said - but you did make me SMILE!


FANSTORIAN ANIMALS writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Please write either a story or poem with the theme of 'Fanstory' imaginary ANIMAL members (NOT human and AT LEAST TWO of THEM) who are considering entering a site contest/prompt, PLUS a reviewer/voter included in the write - may be human or not.

In other words, show the entrants' writes and the reviewer/potential voter's reaction to them.

Minimum 125 words.
Maximum 425 words.

'Definition' above Title MUST include word count, but absolutely nothing else.

Accompanying artwork is allowed, but NOT in the main body of the entry.

Entries MUST be only in white background with PLAIN black type - no highlighting of words, or italics etc.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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