Sports Fiction posted August 6, 2014

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A young girl's struggle

The Attitude - Part 4

by boxergirl

Synopsis for Part 3 - Cynthia finds out from the coach that she will not start tonight's game because of her poor practice habits.  Cynthia is distraught and when she gets to the dressing room, she decides to take another Xanax to calm herself.  Her efforts are interrupted by her friend and teammate, Becca.  This startled Cynthia and the pills scatter on the floor.  Before she can pick them all up, Becca confronts her, and Cynthia breaks down in tears.  After listening to her frustrated friend, Becca flushes the pills and assures her that they will deal with the pills later, and that the team needs her, even if she is on the bench. 

Becca gave Cynthia a playful shove. "So, you wanna go warm up?"

"You go on ahead," said Cynthia. "I need to text my dad."

The dressing room door had barely closed when Cynthia looked down and slowly opened her closed-fist hand.  Her hand shook as she stared at the little orange pill.  Sorry, Becca, but it's gonna be a long night.  Last one, I promise.   Popping the pill into her mouth,  she took a sip from her water bottle, tilted her head back, and swallowed. 

She picked up her phone to call her dad, but there was already a text message from him: Can't wait for Tom 2 c u play. Good luck with game!  Her stomach churned as she thought about what to reply.  Perfect...a scout is coming to watch me sit on the bench. Unable to think of a reply, she powered off her phone and placed it in her bookbag.

After putting on her uniform, she knelt down to tie her shoe laces.  She double-knotted the laces and stood up; her legs felt a little wobbly, so she  leaned against the lockers to steady herself. Maybe I should have gotten something to eat..."Oh, well," she said as she walked towards the door. I probably won't even get in the stupid game.

Cynthia jogged out onto the court and joined the rest of the team shooting free throws.  Becca passed her a ball. "Where have you been? We've been warming up for ten minutes."

"I told you I had to call my dad. Then I had to get dressed out...Geez!"

"Well, that's funny because your dad is already here, and he asked me where you were."

Cynthia squinted her eyes as she leaned in towards Becca's face. "What...wha...what'd you tell him? didn't say nothing, did you?" 

Becca moved towards Cynthia and whispered in her ear.  "No, I didn't say anything, but maybe I should have.  Your eyes look weird, and you're not talking too good.  My gosh, Cee, are you high?"

"What? No way...what are you talking about...I'm fine, Becca...really...chill out."

Before Becca could respond, the buzzer sounded to end pre-game warm-up.  Both teams jogged to their respective benches for last-minute instructions from their coach. "Okay, team...this is time...this is where all your hard work pays play hard, play together, and have fun...let's do this!"

The team broke the huddle, and Coach Hall was true to her word.  She was not in the starting line up.  Samantha, a sophomore, started in her place.  On her way to the bench, Cynthia glanced up in the stands. Her dad was sitting next to a man holding a clipboard. That must be Tom.  Seeing her dad's perplexing look and knowing he was confused by her not starting, she shrugged her shoulders and scratched her head, pretending she didn't have a clue. She was headed towards the end of the bench when Coach Hall motioned for her to sit by her. I knew it.  Coach knows she can't wait too long to put me in."

to be continued...Part 5



Intended for YA audience.
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