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Cynthia continues to struggle with her ego

The Attitude - Part 2

by boxergirl

The Attitude - Part 1 synopsis: Cynthia is a teenage basketball player who knows she is talented but doesn't put forth her full effort during practice which puts her at odds with her coach and fellow teammates.

Cynthia's dad was waiting by the bleachers when she stormed out of the locker room. "Hey, Champ, what's the matter? You miss a few shots today?"

Cynthia walked past her dad, pursing her lips and shaking her head.

Her dad hurried to catch up. "Wait a minute, Cee. What's going on?"

"Nothing, Dad. I just had a really bad practice."

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me. Do I need to speak with Coach Hall?"

"No, no, definitely not. I don't need anymore grief from her today."

"Well, just remember what I taught you: stay focused and keep it together. This IS your senior year, and there's a lot riding on your performance. Talking about performance,  I didn't say anything earlier; I didn't want to get your hopes up...but have I got some news for you!  Remember Tom Bratton, my old college teammate? He's a scout for the Lady Vols,  your mom's alma mater, and he's coming to your game tomorrow night, just to watch you play. This could be big, Cee."

Cynthia felt her stomach tighten and her pulse quicken. "Sounds great, Dad."

Her dad placed his arm around her shoulder as they walked out into the cold afternoon air. "You know if your mom was still here, she'd be bragging that you got all your skills from her, right?" 

Cynthia managed a half smile.  "She was that good, uh?"

When she got home from practice, Cynthia bounded up the stairs to her room and flopped facedown on her bed.   Pulling her cellphone from her jeans pocket, she checked for a text from Becca.  She must still be mad at me. She rolled over and stared at the ceiling fan while her thoughts whirled round and round. Why does Coach Hall have to be such an ass? Basketball used to be's her fault the others are mad at me. I'll show them tomorrow night during the game. The game...a real college scout is coming to my MY game.  Sitting up on the side of her bed, she took a deep breath and exhaled. I need something to calm me down. Opening up her bedside drawer, she pulled out a prescription bottle of Xanax. She had found them in her father's medicine cabinet about a month ago when she was having trouble sleeping. One of  these should help, well, maybe two.

The next day at school, Cynthia sat cramming for her English test when Becca walked over and sat down beside her.  They stared at each other until Becca broke the awkward silence. "You look like crap. Your eyes are really red."

"So now you want to be all you're my friend or something. Thanks a lot for taking Holly and Jill's side yesterday in the locker room. I really thought I could count on you to have my back."

"What was I supposed to say? Ya'll leave Cee alone. The team rules don't apply to her. She's the really didn't leave me much freaking choice."

Cynthia closed her book and stood up. "Whatever! I don't need any of you. I got my own back."  She did a 180 and walked to her first period class. 

Slumping down in her seat on the back row, her head felt full of cobwebs.  I hope I can stay awake during class. Even though she was a smart student, Cynthia just endured school, so she would be eligible to play basketball. She spent the rest of the day worrying about Becca; she didn't like it when they fought. And of course, she dreamed about how she was going to shine in tonight's game.  Confidence...I gotta have it tonight, especially with a scout there to watch me. Her stomach felt a little queasy when the bell for sixth period athletics finally rang.

Cynthia scurried through the crowded hallway and pushed through the double doors to the gym.  Seeing her name on the scoreboard panel and the smell of the freshly waxed floor was enough to raise her heartrate and get the adrenaline flowing.  Becca met her near the dressing room door.  "Coach Hall wants to see you in her office."

To be continued...



I am breaking this story into several parts - not sure how many just yet. Thanks for your patience.
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