Humor Poetry posted July 5, 2014

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Part 4: Jabberwocky series

The Shattered Shrink of Wabley Hole

by mfowler

'Tis many uffish thoughts I've had
since taking on this role,
as Shrink in Residence to bad
and good of Wabely Hole.
The monsters bring their problems in.
All whiffle, whine and burble.
I listen, sympathise, and grin
at stories groaned, not verbal.
The slithy toves do bitch and blow
'bout mome raths, mates and munchkins.
It seems those furry sods all know
who steals their pumpkin dumplin's.
The borogroves all mimsy get
'bout tourists in peak seasons.
Say fugly bodies make them fret
for many stupid reasons.
But, Jabberwockies are the worst;
my 'patients horribilus'.
They snicker-snacker, say: I'm cursed.
Then: Don't you try to bill us.
By morn, when heads on all are shrunk,
my brain all fussish be.
The wife asks why I come home drunk,
and looking lumpishly.
To be the Shrink of Wabley Hole
requires my full attention
I've lost my marbles, half my soul
and parts, I shall not mention.
I hunt the Jabberwocky now,
with vorpal blade and hate.
Revenge, I hope, will help somehow
to fix my piffling state.


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky from "Alice in Wonderland". If you don't know it, this will seem very strange.
piffling state: not a good state at all
mome raths: small, cute, swamp monsters
uffish: very upset
Jabberwocky: in this version, a zombie like creature that lives in Wabley Hole
Wabley Hole: a swamp where many deranged monsters hang out. The National Parks and Wildlife Association hope to cash in on tourist interest in these strange beings.
Shrink in Residence of Wabely Hole: officially appointed psychologist charged with maintaining teh mental health of the monsters, but only at night.
borogroves all mimsy get: borogoves get a bit a precious about humans
whiffle, whine and burble: various levels of complaint that make absolutely no sense
'patients horribilus': 'pi' Latin for lowsy patients
my brain all fussish be: confused, deranged and not happy at all
looking lumpishly: pissed off
I've lost my marbles: gone nuts
vorpal blade: damned dangerous weapon of revenge
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