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Karen has a physical, makes a goal and asks questions

A chapter in the book Enough to Miss Christmas

Soccer Mom

by Fridayauthor

The North family seem to be coping with life and dealing well with any problems as they arise.

Karen's first official soccer game was late this afternoon and she couldn't wait to end our tete a tete for what, in her mind, was a much more important engagement. She'd taken to the sport with a vengeance and was a far better natural athlete than I.

The initial signing up early in the summer had taken some effort. Karen's concern with modesty was obsessive and playing sports called for a physical examination. I knew she wanted to join the team but she remained reluctant to commit. I was puzzled as her new friends played for the middle school team and she was anxious to follow in their footsteps. I then learned her aversion was her fear of the physical exam. At first I kidded her about it until I realized how seriously she felt. I should have guessed. Her sense of modesty was absolute. One day I stepped into the bathroom she'd mistakenly not locked just to get a towel. I'd given a quick rap but she was in the shower and didn't hear so I barged in. She literally screamed at me!

I explained she'd need a doctor's examination for school so she might as well get it over with and play soccer as well. If there had been any alternative, she would have taken it but she so anticipated the coming school term she knew there was no escape. When time came for the examination, Karen was beside herself, worried to the point of nausea.

"Haven't you ever had a physical exam for something?" I asked.

"What? I never did anything before you married Dad."

"You've never been examined by a doctor?"

"My mother's doctor, Dr. Graham gave me shots but I made him give it to me in my arm. I told him I wouldn't let him do it in the other place so he didn't make me undress."

"Oh yeah, Dr. Lying Bastard Graham, M.D. I remember him. He faked your mother's suicide."


"Okay, twenty pushups and no desert for me for saying a bad word. But he was a b-a-s-t. 'Down with liars and fornicators!' We take no prisoners or excuses!" I'd made her smile. I gave her a hug.

"We'll find you an honest doctor."

"How about a blind one?" she muttered.

"Don't tell your father we're looking. He'll get Thatcher to buy you a clinic or fly in some specialist from Paris."

As it worked out, we located a young doctor with a winning manner when it came to adolescents. I spoke with him first, explaining Karen's overwhelming sense of modesty. She refused to eat her breakfast on the morning of her appointment for fear of losing it. I held her hand and offered to stay in the room. Karen declined. I waited close by, now as nervous as she. Twenty minutes later she emerged, a shy smile on her face.

"We managed to keep our customers pretty well covered up," the young Dr. Robinson said with a wink.

I was officially a soccer mom. We attended her premier match as a family, cheering the home team to a seven to one romping, with Karen scoring her first goal. We were all ecstatic! Ice creams for everyone with Timmy beside himself in his worship of his hero sister.

If I thought question answering today would quell Karen's inquisitiveness quotient, I was mistaken. She joined me in bed once again and wasted no time getting down to business.

"Your turn," she said. "I have to get in practice if I have to answer Dr. Mason's questions every week."

"Did you tell your friends about your appointment with him?" I asked.

"Yes. It was no big deal at all. Julie's mom sent her to Dr. Mason after her dog got run over by a car because she let go of the leash. She called him Doctor Goblin because he's so short and bald but she said he's really nice. Ask another question; that one was too easy."

"Let me think. You told me you did lots of bad things and if your father found out, he wouldn't like you. Tell me about some of the stuff."

She didn't answer right away. "This is still private, right?"


"I don't want to talk about the really bad things yet but I did some naughty stuff to Mrs. Doberchek sometimes. She didn't like us and was mean so I used to plot all kinds of terrible things to get back at her. Sometimes I actually did them." She turned to me. "I'd never do that kind of stuff to you, honest."

"Good! Go on; tell me what you did do?"

"I was awful. I spit in her gin one time when she wasn't looking. I found a big bug and I put it in her pie, because she already had three pieces and wouldn't give us the last one. I thought she'd just find the creature and scream but she didn't. She ate the whole thing and never saw the bug! I was sure she'd die of bug-poison but she didn't. Then I thought the bug might cause a slow death. I stayed awake all night, scared I'd get arrested. I was younger back then, but I did lots of stuff like that. I let a mouse we caught in a live trap loose in her room. There was only one but she lied and told Dad there were lots and made him get some guy in a truck to come out and spray."

I laughed in spite of myself. "You never got caught?"

I could see her smile in the glow of the night light. "Nope. Not once."

"That's more mischievous than really bad, don't you think? What would have happened if you got caught?"

"I don't know. Daddy never saw me being bad. He'd be really disappointed, I guess."

"Maybe. But he wouldn't love you any less."

"What would your parents have done to you if you did that stuff?"

I laughed. "I never had a Mrs. Doberchek around to torment, so I don't know. When I did something naughty, I had to answer for it."

"How? Grandma wouldn't tell me much. She said I should ask you."

"I wasn't allowed to join in with the rest of the family in games or outings or I had to do extra chores. My parents were very liberal in what we could do, but we had rules and had to answer when we misbehaved."

"Grandma told me that much. You told Dad if you lied like he did, you'd get a spanking." It was no surprise even what I said in haste hadn't slipped by this observant young lady.

"Good thing I'm honest, isn't it?" I said, than added, "It's about time we get to sleep, don't you think?"

Karen wiggled out of bed. "I don't think I'll have bad dreams. I'll sleep in my own bed." At the door, she turned and asked, "Do you want me to tell Daddy?"

My libido remained high so I readily agreed, but I knew I'd miss Karen and our honesty conversations.

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Enough to Miss Christmas is a family love story, about sisters, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, parents and children. Foremost, it tells the story of a step mom and a precocious young lady and how they bond in spite of overwhelming odds.
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