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A children's story about a small guardian angel in training

Faith and Friends

by emjaihammond

Faith and Friends

The sun was shining a butter yellow
The skies were blue and oh,so mellow

The birds sang out their sweetest song
As angel Faith just skipped along

"Ouch, my stars!, how can this be?
I had prepared so perfectly

It seems I missed one little thing
A loose, untied, hot pink, shoestring

She'd started out that very day
With golden hair, none gone astray

Her wings were neat, her halo bright
Her angel gown was perfect white

She made a plan to stay that way
She'd sit real still, while others play

It seemed her friends did all things right
Gowns all neat and halos bright

How she wished to have been blessed
To be like them and neatly dressed

In the garden, goodness grows
Angelic babes with bright halos

They prepare and train to be
Guardian angels watching thee

Gloria Gail was blessed with heart
And small Mae Ling, was oh, so smart

Thoughtful Gabe was always thinking
A worrier, with halo blinking

The cutest freckles and bright red hair
He longed to try things, but didn't dare

While Faith was good and sweet and sharing
She was also a bit too daring

Her halo often, slipped from place
Her white wings too, in need of grace

In the garden, beside the gate
Faith and friends must sit and wait

For Mrs. Flyright to return
With flight instruction for them to learn

But as their teacher had once explained
"Little angels must first be trained

If you wish, to impress and please
No wrinkled robes or grass stained knees

And here's a tool that you must use
A daily list of your to do's

Faith wanted only to try and please
But, found it hard, remembering these

For when a breeze flows through her hair
And rainbows fill the sky and air,

when slides of many shades and hues,
Call, "Play with us!" Faith can't refuse

It was a sunny pleasant day
Young angels longed to fly away

Before Faith knew, she'd flown up high
To play on rainbows in the sky

Her little wings were not too strong
They could fly, but not too long

But cautious Gabe, back on the ground
Called, "Little friend, please do come down!

This is not on your list to do
You didn't plan or think it through."

The angel jumped from cloud to cloud
Gabe closed his eyes, "That's not allowed!"

She climbed aboard a rainbow ride
Where angel friends could slip and slide

She slipped and slid and laughed out loud
And slid right off and caught a cloud

Gabe began to wish he too
Could put this on his list to do

But, it was time for Faith to go
To flying class way down below

At first she floated on a cloud
Then, climbed a star and yelled real loud

"Watch me Gabe, I'm going to try
To flap my wings real fast and fly."

Gabe called out with loud alarm
"Oh no, Faith, no! You'll do great harm

Have a plan and think things through
Sobbed, "it's not on your list to do!"

Faith waved to Gabe on tippy toe
When all at once, strong winds did blow

Unafraid, Faith only wiggled
Pushed back her halo and simply giggled.

Her friends called out, down on the ground
"Forgetful you! You must come down!"

Her friends were right, now she must go
To flying class way down below

With goodbye kisses from angel lips
She waved goodbye and turned and tripped...

Her friends wait near the garden gate
Where all good students must sit and wait

All but one, had waited there
All but one, with golden hair

"Ouch! Oh, my stars!" a call rang out
All stopped and looked around about

They did not see her hiding there
With skinned up knee and tangled hair

They did not know where she had been
Before she tumble-bumbled in

Faith's good friends were wondering why
Mrs. Flyright had not come by

And what of Faith, their daring friend
Where could she be, where had she been?

Mae Ling ran around the giant tree
Oh, me oh my, friends look and see!"

Gabe looked high inside the tree
"Oh, angel wings! How could it be?

There was Faith right where she landed
Took out a bird's nest, single handed

The view was all she ever hoped
But,coming down, a slippery slope

Her wings got caught on branches long
She pulled them loose, it all went wrong

It seemed she freed her grasp instead
And fell into the flower bed

Daisies peeked through angel hair
Her halo bent and held them there

Faith's' little friends brought her rescue
But, such a mess they never knew

One tried to straighten both her wings
Another worked on grass stained things

Her gown was torn,a big disgrace
Her hair streamed down her angel face

Her halo blinked an s.o.s.
Angelic Faith was one hot mess!

Gabe brushed her off, said "Shame on You!
That wasn't on your list to do!"

Gloria tried to straighten wings
But they were crumpled messy things

They hoped their teacher would never know
Of Faith's descent to grounds below

A messy angel would never please
Especially one with grass stained knees

The fountain showed her sad reflection
She'd never pass a flight inspection

Mrs. Flyright shouted, "Form a line!"
It's angel inspection, number nine!"

She found her students were quite undone
Especially, the messy one

her teacher questioned as to why?
Faith's halo fell across one eye

But, when she spread her crooked wing.
Her teacher then knew everything

She picked a daisy from Faith's hair
Tapped her foot, just standing there

"Class dismissed," the teacher said.
That's when she saw the flower bed

A row of daisies were all but gone
just like the ones that Faith had on.

Faith, she said with watchful eye,
You look as if you want to cry.

Confession's good for soul and heart.
Faith answered, "Yes, but where to start?

I did not stop to think it through.
I had a plan but, it fell too

A plan I made that I should stay
neat and tidy all the day.

A rainbow waved across the sky
my wings waved back and so did I

and at its end, a rainbow slide
It's colors called to come and ride

I answered, yes, so up I went
I fell, and now my wings are bent

I'm oh so sorry and feel so bad
I should have listened, I wish I had"

With that, she curtsied, with head bowed down
Her halo slipped, fell on the ground

It clinked and clanged,an awful sound
It blinked and spun around and round

It wibble-wobbled on the ground
and then it made a buzzing sound

She hit the ground with both her knees
And grabbed her halo quick as you please

She clutched it tightly to her chest
She closed her eyes and did her best

to disappear from where she knealt
Can you imagine how she felt?

Faith counted to ten and held her breath
Opened one eye, still scared to death

But everything was still the same
She heard her teacher, who called her name

"Keep the Faith, my little friend"
Open your eyes and start again."

Much to Faith's immense surprise,
Her teacher looked deep in her eyes

She even looked into her soul
She said, "Now, Faith, you take control."

For just like you all, go astray
God knew that man would be that way

And angels too, must sometimes seek
Strength and wisdom to help the weak

Dear Faith, you're lucky you're not hurt
Just a crooked wing and a smudge of dirt

Now fix your hair up off your face
And thank the Lord for His good grace

Just like Faith, we sometimes too,
have done some things we should not do

and afterwards it hurts to know
that we've been where we should not go.

So, what to do when we see we're wrong
When our conscience hurts us all day long

An understanding God have we
Forgiveness is the golden key

He made the angels and rainbows too
God made me and He made you

He guides us all to do what's right
He sends us love each day and night

All He asks us in return
To love Him first and try to learn

To love your neighbor as yourself
'cause that's the greatest kind of wealth

So, remember children, now listen here
You need not worry, you need not fear

But follow all the golden rule
The ones you learn in church and school

And, don't forget this lesson too
When you fail, God still loves you

He only wants you to do your best
So keep Him first, He'll fix the rest

Faith Poetry Contest contest entry


A little story about what it might be like to be an angel in training.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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