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A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love

Holly's Eyes (aspergers syndrome)

by RGstar

Holly's Eyes

A mother cries through Holly's eyes, wishing whimsical whispers could compromise
A silhouetted solitude and shadowy guise; a daughter seeks haven amidst the disguise
A void so filled of timeless woe, at just seventeen trapped feelings grow
Forsaken friendships flee floundering wings; a butterfly muted; words tied with strings
Trapped in a world she calls her own, as society insists she walk paths it has shown


On a writing block, Holly's fingers trace,  soft spoken lines to a familiar face,
Behind the eyes colours crash and collide; now constantly grey, still there's beauty inside
And faith is her grace though dark the light, glimmering for a moment; then only fright
And naked we stare at the burdens to bear, inviting the suffering, ignoring the flair
Her quill finds the sheet and in twilight they meet; art her salvation, so often they greet



And her sanity flakes, like a mirror it breaks, her splintered serenity silently quakes
She utters words found, but melodies drowned, as in total denial we turn off the sound
Like a lioness she roars, tending her sores, whilst hyenas laugh behind opulent doors
In silence she bleeds as resistance recedes, she'll close once again to motherly feeds
A return to her mind, so brilliant, in kind, where imprinted thoughts are clearly defined


Unchanged routine; pretty papers so clean; chocolate passions and a closed curtain screen
Pink will not stray; it's her colour each day, the clock needs no winding as seconds decay
Fabrics and lace, a solemn silence in place; and she'll imagine the world as a beautiful place
Sad eyes need not cry, nor breath neither sigh, for the phoenix must rise in order to die
Don't turn away in mild defeat, take a look through Holly's eyes; the corner of lonely street



Earned A Seal Of Quality

The Image above is drawn by seventeen year old Holly Gilchrist; diagnosed with autism.

As often with AS, friendships are difficult, communication the same, routines may see no change, yet few are interested. Drawn curtains keep the outside world at bay, and like Holly, not much to say. But there is warmth in a smile and a doting mother's love is constant. What we choose not to understand, she will choose not to tell, so take the time to praise and not to judge, for the little they have may be more than the much we have.

All Holly wishes for is a little help, hope and understanding; a little patience would go a long way. Lest we forget the brilliant gifts they have, constantly overshadowed by the ones they don't. Improve awareness and worth by bringing forth just those gifts.

This is a tribute to Holly, and all the Holly's' of this world, never give up, live life through the things you do well (art) and through experiences that make you comfortable.

With all my love and understanding; this poem is for you;


AUTISM! Be informed. A little smile may do, for there might be a Holly close by you.

Holly's address ; Holly Gilchrist

A special mention for her mother, Allison Gilchrist who makes this possible.
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