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Things aren't always what they seem to be...

A Scream Beyond the Darkness

by Dean Kuch


~A Scream Beyond the Darkness~


My grandpa's farm felt safe and warm,

we worked at it day and night.

I can't forget the eve we met,

as it gave me such a fright...


Late skies began their tell tale wane,

sun's glow melted into night,

I'd heard it then, a sad refrain,

beyond the darkness, out of sight.


Moon's silhouette, I shan't forget,

shadows on the grassy floor,

lustrous beams bright pirouette,

sent me seeking something more.


A-i-i-i-e-e-e!— the ghastly screaming broke

from behind  barn's weathered wall—

Icy tendrils crawled up my spine,

with each eerie screaming squall.


My frozen form had naught to do

with any freezing frigid air,

just what it was, I had no clue—

as it cast its frightful stare...


I sensed his glare beyond the dark,

yet determined, I kept pace—

To douse my fears icy spark,

I approached yon pallid face...


A-i-i-i-e-e-e!— sentient silence split;

the shrieking grew much stronger.

'Twas then I caught a sight of it,

a mystery, no longer.


Upon a rusted weather vane,

sitting high atop the roof,

lone barn owl perched, its neck, then craned,

whilst gazing, so aloof...


He hung his head as if in shame,

as he wailed his mournful cry

'twas just a way of laying claim

to his rusty perch on high.


He bade me go with just a wink,

I sorrowfully complied.

Bathed by the moon, footfalls in sync

whilst he simply sat and cried.


Now every time I hear his call

I run to him with gladness,

to meet him there upon the wall,

and marvel at his sadness.

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Barn Owls don't hoot the way most owls do; instead, they make a long, harsh scream that lasts about 2 seconds. It's made mostly by the male, who often calls repeatedly from the air. Females give the call infrequently. A softer, more wavering version of this is termed a purring call. Males use it to invite a female to inspect a nest site, and females use it to beg for food from the male. Barn Owls also make a loud, 3-4 second hiss at intruders or predators that disturb the nest.

Sometimes when immersed in darkness, we often hear and see things differently than we would in broad daylight. We all have imaginations which run amok from time to time. Anyone familiar with my writing can attest to the fact that I certainly do.

For any who may be unfamiliar to it's call, the barn owl's cry sounds much like a woman's terrified screaming.

In the darkness, things aren't always as they seem...
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