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Progress continues as the bunker reveals more secrets.

A chapter in the book Yosemite

Power and the Wizard of Yosemite

by michaelcahill

Chemical weapons have nearly destroyed the earth. Survivors in Yosemite struggle to protect their part of the world from enemies unknown.
Previously, answers started coming out of the bunker along with more questions. However, directions and plans could start to be formed and progress started to be made. A potential emergency for once turned out to be easily handled back at the compound and another individual that was receptive to the projections being transmitted to the brain was found, Sarah. Johnny, Christine returned with Sarah to the bunker to check on the progress. We join them now as they come upon the work in progress.

The area in and around the bunker buzzed with excitement and activity. There were sounds unheard in months. Gasoline powered engines revved and labored to their tasks as they went through their paces. My mind drifted back to those early days of static on the radio of our Ford van as the battery slowly died down. The fear is what haunted me the most. The overwhelming paralyzing fear preventing movement. Now, this scene before me looked hopeful and forward thinking.
Linda and Nikolai came bubbling towards us. They cast a wary eye towards Sarah and I introduced her, "This is Sarah, Christine and I adopted her. She looks like me, don't you think?" Turning to Sarah, who had in a short time, become accustomed to my humor extended her hand, I continued, "Sarah, this is Linda and Nikolai, they built this bunker from an erector set." I whispered loudly, "The tall one doesn't speak any English."
Nikolai practically did the "I have to pee" dance and started speaking, "Yes, yes, yes…all very funny. Nice to meet you. Johnny, there is too much news. On the lower frequencies, there are contacts and lots of them. You call these frequencies, C.B., citizens band, in Russia we call them…well, no matter. There are survivors scattered in many locations. Some, Johnny, are nearby it seems. I can't be sure. They describe terrain like this. They don't know anything about how to tell me there location. They know names of things. Some are in other states. We need those rangers. They might know these names they tell me."
Christine already knew to go get Barbara, the talking machine, and the other rangers. Other states. Survivors nearby. That certainly was good to know, even potentially beneficial, but that didn't tell us about our enemy.
"What about the enemy? That is what we need to know."
Linda didn't dance, but she had the same anxiousness as she spoke, "There is no question that the enemy is from the middle east. It's probably Iran or a coalition. But, Iran is just the front. The Chinese are the true threat. Iran put up the money and brought in the scientists from around the world. To them it was all a religious war. Some twisted vision of God's triumph over the evil dogs blah, blah, bullshit. As best as we can determine, they are here. I mean, here, Johnny. Maybe four or five hundred miles south of us. Mark says there is an Air Force base in the Mojave Desert there."
"Edward's Air Force. Lancaster, California. That's where we came from. You just moved there, Linda, Edwards is just north of us on Avenue A. Sonic Booms? Those are the Stealth Bombers. They fly right out of Edward's. The Iranian's are there. You've got to be kidding."
Linda looked stunned. She continued, "We don't know who is there, Johnny. We know that transmissions are going from there to the middle east, Tehran specifically. I'd hate to think it's our own troops flying those bombers. But, I think I'd hate it even more to think that there were Iranians flying them."
Nikolai interrupted, "What may be more interesting, Johnny, is where there are NO transmissions coming from. There is nothing from Europe. There is nothing from China or anywhere else in Asia. There is nothing from Mexico, Central America or South America."
Did that mean that those areas were destroyed? What could be left? still so many damn questions. What about Africa, Canada…Hell, Nikolai, what about America?"
"Africa and Canada has transmissions. Canada more than anywhere in the world. The U.S. too. But, then I can pick up signals that are closer and direct. World signals are intermittent and bouncing off satellites. Right now, we are listening as you wished. We've waited for you to return. We don't know what to tell them."
"Hell, Nikolai, I don't know what to tell them either."
Christine arrived with the rangers. There were four sets of wide eyes that accompanied the rangers when they got a gander at the activities and scope of what transpired around the bunker. Barbara, the talking machine, fell silent for the first time since before the mid-wife slapped her bottom and started her making noise.
Nikolai began immediately, "Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Fire Falls, do any of these names mean anything to you?"
Barbara found her voice, "Well, yes. Kings Canyon, Sequoia? Those are sister parks. They're about two hours south of here. Beautiful too, I've been to both many times. Of course, they don't compare to Yosemite, but they have their own beauty and aren't as crowded…"
"Yes, yes. Fine. Fire Falls?" Nikolai somehow managed to get a word in.
Barbara lifted her arm and pointed off to the right. "It's about a mile or so, right over there. We don't do the fire show anymore, too dangerous…" For once, she stopped herself from going on and on.
Christine spoke up, "What did the people by Fire Falls say?"
Nikolai thought for a moment and replied, "They were planning to pack up camp and go to be rescued. They were looking for other survivors to go with." Nikolai fumbled through his notebook briefly. "Ah, yes. Here it is. Panda Bear. That was their name. Americans have cute little names for their radios. This one was Panda Bear. Should we go get them? Maybe it's too dangerous."
Christine was quick to answer, "If it was me, I'd want to be rescued. Let's be those kinds of people. We go get them, right Johnny?"
She was right. Civilized. That's what civilization implied. Yes, we had to rescue them. I looked around at all of our equipment. We could make quite a show of it. That would be the best approach. The more official the rescue looked, the more effective it would be.
I still wanted to know what else had been discovered. "What else have you found out?"
"I'll have to show you." Nikolai smiled.
We all followed him inside. The stunned rangers came with us. They looked as though they had been suddenly transported to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.
I understood their feeling when I saw what Nikolai and the others had installed. Star Trek never had it so good. "Spock…you…damn green-blooded freak! What…have…you done?" It wasn't a bad Captain Kirk considering it was my first attempt. It occurred to me that Nikolai had never seen Star Trek and now considered me a little off.
"I have only done as you, yourself, have instructed me to do, Jim." Nikolai smiled broadly.
He had seen Star Trek. His Spock surpassed my Kirk by quite a bit.
"Dammit, Jim, I'm a girl! I don't have any lines. I'm not a doctor…too obscure?" Christine did an even better and certainly more attractive Dr. McCoy. I loved her little take about the females on the show not having anything meaningful to say.
"What is all of this?"

Nikolai looked pleased as he responded, "This is what they've been doing to us. They are transmitting the electronic interpretations of thoughts over the airwaves to those that are able to receive them. Those like Christine, yourself, Lester and young Mark over there. Technically, they are transmitting all of the thoughts, but they are amplifying specific ones. Those are the ones that stand out. Christine, apparently, is able to sift out some of the others as well."
"How are they able to get the people transmitting to think of the same thing? I can't concentrate on tying my shoe."
"Not so difficult. You just haven't tried. They probably have a picture to stare at or use hypnosis. No doubt, they use individuals similar to Christine and yourself. To send our own signal, that would be who I would use, you and Christine and some of the others like you."
"We do nothing until the time comes. I don’t want them to know that we have a clue. Can you block their signal without tipping them off?"
Nikolai smiled again, "Oh yes, we can block it, capture it and watch it on T.V. or listen to it really. We can also sift through the signal, extract other weaker signals, and amplify them. We can find out what they are really thinking, Johnny. We can read their minds, so to speak."
"I like it. Keep working on this. We'll think about what we want to transmit when the time comes. Great work, Nikolai. You are promoted to Wizard."



Research on translating brain waves into language for the deaf is currently ongoing. The premise of transmitting signals to the brain is by no means science fiction. I'm trying to keep it withing the bounds of reality based on current research with some leap of logic. Great input as always. I imagine that I would be floating out to sea without the great suggestions and help. So, thank you so much everybody. mikey
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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