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Plans to ambush the advancing enemy are set to motion.

A chapter in the book Yosemite

Plans, Hostages and More Hostages

by michaelcahill

Campers in Yosemite try to organize for survival after a disaster. As facts become known the need to come together becomes more clear.
Previously, camp began to fill up and become organized as a common enemy was now known to exist. Even a few American soldiers wandered in having been stranded in a botched rescue attempt. What appeared to be Russian soldiers have been spotted advancing on their position and plans for an ambush are under way. Johnny and Christine prepare to discuss things privately as we continue on with the story.

I caught Christine's eye. We excused ourselves.
"You are on to something, Christine. I'm not sure how we can use it. But, you are tapping into something that I'm sure they don't want you to see. Russians. Damn. It's like the sixties again. I still don't get what the hell they want with us or this I suppose. This is what they want, the land. I suppose it beats Siberia."
"I wish I knew more, Johnny. It isn't much of a help. But, knowing there is a real enemy and that there might be a real country. Those are things to know, aren't they?" She looked content as she put her arms around me. I was content. I had what I needed from the world.
"Johnny, They're coming. I can see them. We have to get ready." I've never seen her look more serious.
Just then Lester came running up to me. "They's a comin right down the road pretty's ya please. They's armed too. A good number of um. It's a turkey shoot. They hasn't a hoot owl's toot what's a gonna greet um. They's a strollin' a long lookin' up at the purdy trees."
I caught Linda's eye. She looked over and I gave her the signal. It consisted of two crossed arms above the head. She nudged Carlos who jumped into action. He started with Louis, filling him in, I assume, on our system of silent alerts.

Within a few moments, the entire camp had turned into a military operation. Virtually every straggler, on a stroll or relaxing by the river, had returned, ready for action. Amazement would be the word to describe seeing our plans actually come to fruition. I took the squad leaders to the side and told them the situation. We agreed on an ambush site. They returned to formation.

I nodded my head. Each squad leader took their squad off to explain the situation and plan of action. Within minutes, the camp emptied and the woods became filed with our militia. "Ready or not, here we come." I thought to myself.
We moved through the forest like visible ghosts ready to disappear at the slightest sound. Did your eyes really see something? Well, there is nothing there now. You must be mistaken. The squad leaders had done an amazing job. The seriousness of the situation permeated the psyches of each soldier, and that is what they were, that advanced forward as one body.

My squad, the recon squad, led the way far out in front and not visible to anyone. They knew we were out here though. Hopefully, only they knew.
I nudged Christine and she gave the sign to hunker down. I heard movement up ahead, a lot of it. I looked at Christine and she shook her head, "No".
I sidled up to her. "By no, you mean this isn't what you saw?"
"That's right. I don't know what this is. More survivors. Other enemies. Could be anything. You hear that voice? I know you recognize that." She had a half-smile on her face.
It had to be Rhonda. I couldn't make out what she might be saying, but it couldn't be anyone else. No one chattered away like her. "Yep. It’s her alright. But, dammit. Who is she with? Her good buddies? Or, is she a hostage to some equally unstable folk, but with weapons and a bad temper?"
"You and me?" She caught my eye and nodded answer. She gave the signal to the rest of our team to remain. We slipped down closer to the noisy bunch, unseen, as far as we knew.
Rhonda stood out like a talking sore thumb. I laughed at my own silly thought, as Cristine chastised me sweetly, with rolling eyes. In any case, there stood Rhonda, talking to no one that had any awareness of it, just like she would had we been at home watching television.
"Survivors." Christine looked concerned. I understood her reasoning.
I realized the dilemma. "What do we do with them? They can only be trouble. That's all I need is Rhonda announcing our approach to the Rooskies." I had a Slim Pickens movie flashback, knowing full well that Christine wouldn't know what I was referring to. No one would for that matter.
"As long as you don't spill any of your precious bodily fluids, you'll be okay, Johnny. But, it would be inconvenient." She smiled, knowing how shocked I would be that she got the reference.
I gave her my most "I love you, look at these sweet-puppy-dog-blue-eyes" look and said in my most fake-sexy-man voice, "Nuthin' spillin' love donut, this pastry man is ready to dunk!" We both managed to keep our insane laughter completely inside of ourselves. It couldn't be more clear what drew us together. I wondered what schtick I would come up with on my death bed?
"Damn, Johnny. Now what?."
"Christ. Go back and get the rest of the team. Send two runners back to advise the others of the situation. This could be a miracle. They are walking right into our trap and we didn't even set one."
Christine gave me a quick peck and didn't say a word. She flew towards the rest of the guys with the news. The Russians had arrived and taken hostages. They had stumbled upon the little group we were observing. The looked just as surprised as the group did. It was only superior weaponery that won the day for the Russians.

They had weapons and Rhonda's little group, didn't. They put up no struggle anyway. I hoped our people arrived in a hurry. Our little recon team might have to go into action without them. It didn't look like a prisoner round up. It looked like they were rounding them up to execute them.
These were not disciplined soldiers. Rhonda was literally all over them. Some were responding too. I assume the higher ups didn't like that. They knocked Rhonda to the ground and shoved the soldiers back into some kind of order. The scene was chaotic. I had my hand on my gun. I couldn't do anything so stupid though. I had to wait.

"Come one dammit! They're going to do something! Hurry." I tried to will them speed in my mind. Christine and the remaining six of our team arrived. Linda, Jen, Turner, and three other gentlemen whose names I'm sorry to say I couldn't recall. More than competent though. One carried an AK47. That was a big improvement over my Glock.  

The recon team was the best squad in our little militia. It had to be. We were at the front of the front. Everyone told me I shouldn't be part of it. Ha! Like I wouldn't be where Christine would be. Dream on people.
We poised there twitching with anticipation. I knew at the slightest sign of aggression we would go, back-up or not. Go and hope the cavalry would arrive in time. We weren't exactly pure military types. We couldn't watch a slaughter just because it was the smart thing to do.
I could see more covering just south of us. I motioned for the team to try and sneak over to it. That would put us within a few feet of the Russian soldiers, if we could make it there unseen. We would have surprise to be sure.
We made it to a thick stand of trees with overgrown vegetation that provided perfect covering. I could've reached out and grabbed one of those fur hats right off of one of their heads.  The Russians had constructed a kind of portable shelter that appeared to be shelter for the higher ups. I pointed it out to the others. That would be our target. Cut off the head and the snake would wiggle or some such wisdom that escaped me at the moment. 



Things are getting complicated as outside influences are filtering in. The world is in chaos and the campers have little information. They have to be ready for anything. Input and suggestions are always welcome and considered very seriously. Thank you for your great support. Most appreciated. I truly would be lost without it. mikey

The "Rooskies" and the dialogue about precious bodily fluids come from the movie Dr. Strangelove from way back in the day. Just think of a movie that a couple would have in common and exchange a couple inappropriate lines from. Donna and I would probably quote "Silence of the Lambs"!!
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