Spiritual Poetry posted March 16, 2014

This work has reached the exceptional level
he saw Jesus and recognised him for who he was


by mfowler

i'm a hard man
one hundred men

i'm a fair man
one hundred men

to do what is right
to be ready to fight
for the honour and power
of rome


there is rabble
these Jews argue - scrabble
to kill
one of their own

there'll be trouble
expand just like a bubble
they say
this jesus
wants to
take the jewish throne

i am centurion
no roman
a man who knows
a man who shows
he is a man

this jesus guy
i see in his eyes
as they sell their vicious lies
to pilate

this gentle guy
does not deny
their pernicious lies

stays quiet


we beat him down
to lie on blood soaked ground
the snarling crowd
all around
want blood and strife

he drags his deadly cross
as if jerusalem's dross
i really give a toss
as a roman boss
i will take his life

i see people there
who seem to care
they risk life and limb
to come and comfort him
this slaughter

is just so unfair


i am centurion
no roman
a man who kills

but not for thrills

i am ro-man

we hammer nails in
through flesh and pale skin
his expression's grim
he dies with dignity

his eyes say
don't pity me

he's not just any man

those jewish dogs
who had him
stripped and flogged
scream obscenities

but jesus there
absorbs their
reproachful stares

he says
they have no clue
"father forgive them
they know not
what they do"

he's no ordinary man

the sky grows dark and grim
we are still with him
he looks up to the sky

his voice is weak
but i hear him speak
"eli, eli,

on the stroke of three
i feel his love for me
i want to cry

his spirit leaves
his loved ones grieve
and then
he dies

i am centurion
no roman
i'm a Jesus fan
He's more than man

i've been over-awed
by my sweet forgiving lord

He's the Son of GOD!


noun: commander of a unit of one hundred men in the roman army

jerusalem's "dross"
:noun: worthless material that should be removed (in this case from jerusalem)

noun: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
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