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Another dreamer discovered and plans to return to camp.

A chapter in the book Yosemite

Romance & Stealth

by michaelcahill

Campers are trying to survive a disaster in Yosemite. Everything is unknown, the reason for it and who else survived and their condition.
In the previous installment it was discovered that Christine and Johnny shared nearly identical detailed dreams about the situation that they were in. The agreed that though curious, there wasn't much the dreams could do for them of a practical nature as they didn't know their source or anything else about them. They met the people that were camped out by Half-Dome and they seemed like good folk. We find them waking up in the morning after a peaceful nights sleep.

The morning found me awake looking into the eyes of the smiling Christine who remained wrapped around me. "You're the hairiest chick I've ever slept with Johnny."
She kissed me and smiled some more as I smiled back unable to hide my obvious joy. "I think I'm pregnant, Christine."
"Are you sure I'm the father?" She laughed heartily at that.
"I was kidding. I thought I was the man." I rolled my eyes and pretended to be angry.
"You're not really a man, Johnny." she spoke with seriousness.
Somehow, I knew what she meant by that. It was a great compliment coming from her. I kissed her for the very first time. I had never felt quite welcome to before. Some guys needed a written invitation. I was one of those guys.
"You love me?" She asked it in the form of a question and smiled. "I love you too."
"Yes, you are a smart girl. You have it figured out. I do love you, Christine." The desire to run around in circles making unintelligible noise was rather strong. Under the circumstances, I settled for a silly smile. "What should we do about the Clampetts here?"
"The Clampetts?" Christine looked confused. It was a look I seldom saw on her face.
I laughed. I guess there was a few problems our age difference might pose. "An old T.V. show, never mind. Our hosts. We just wait and see what they say, right?"
"That sounds like a plan. I think we can trust them, but I say we stay on our toes. They have the upper hand here.  They can afford to relax, we can't. We may be able to form some kind of alliance, but we may have to get the hell out of here too. Just be ready. You're my girl, right?" She smiled that dazzling smile and threw in some sparkling and slightly crazy eyes to go with it.
I could only smile back and nod. Christine pulled the blanket up over her head. "You get some more rest. I'll see about coffee if they have any. I'll wake you if things get exciting." I gave her a little kiss on the forehead. She was already asleep. "Sweet dreams." I whispered and went to see about coffee and strike up a conversation.
I saw Ma and Lester by the campfire, pouring what I hoped was coffee into mugs. "Morning." I greeted them with my cheeriest smile.
Before any discussion could begin, our hosts began pouring out from the cave and their tents and were looking skyward. They were animated and I could see why. A convoy of four stealth bombers flew overhead. Christine didn't stir.
"It's aliens Lester, just like your dream. We's beein' invaded!" I didn't know the tall scruffy gentleman that was literally hoping up and down as he spoke.
"That's my dream! That's my dream! I told ya ma. Just like I said. Four of em. Sure as bunions, without a sound." Lester looked terrified and proud at the same time. A combination that came off as crazed.
I interjected, "Those aren't aliens. Those are stealth bombers. Those are American planes. I've seen them before. Their American planes. They're spy planes." They did look alien like flying black triangles. I had seen them in a parade when they had one fly over low as a stunt.
"American spy planes ya say? Well, that sends the worm back in the apple. Whatcha reckon they be a spyin' on us fer?" Ma had a purposeful look on her face. It was clear that she was in charge for a reason. "I spect they's wantin' to see what the lay of the land is…what they's up against. No sense wipin' us out. That's been did. 'Spect thay's seein' if they can hep."
That didn't sound nearly as wise as it was. The accent triggered some pre-conceived notion in me that I willed my brain to set aside. Too many movies just like she said. "I think you're right, Ma. They must be looking the area over to see if they can rescue us or help in some way. So, something is still out there operating. It isn't all wiped out. Maybe there is some hope."
"Lestor's seen it all, Johnny. He's got the sight. I can't say there's anythin' y'all would want to be a returnin' to. There ain't nuthin' for us to return to. Lestor's seen that much. But, that's for you and your lady to decide. You gots your people out there waitin' too. Your lady here, she moves like a cat. You’re a little loud son, but I spect she wouldn't hear of bein' without ya. We don't have room for much more. I know y'all understand that."
I took it all in and stopped at "son" for a second. I liked being called son. It was nice being referred to as young. A silly pause for sure. She passed on a lot of information in a very short time. We were welcome, but the others weren't. That was reasonable. I knew already that I couldn't just abandon the people at our camp like that. But, this was a door that I wanted to keep open. I'd talk to Christine. She was free to make up her own mind. I knew she would go where I went. It touched me to know that. So, Lester had dreams like ours too. That was interesting. It wasn't just me and Christine. I hadn't had a dream about stealth bombers though, I wonder if Christine had. I wondered if these dreams were occurring to other survivors in Yosemite. I couldn't imagine what effect they might have.
Christine was stirring finally. "How did you manage to sleep through all of that?"
"Oh, I was dreaming. What did I miss?"
"I had a little talk with Ma. Oh, Lester has dreams like we do too. He dreamt we were attacked by aliens." I laughed. "It came true too. At least in his mind."
"Johnny, I just woke up from that dream. I've had that dream since I was a little girl. It doesn't have anything to do with this. Four black alien ships flying overhead shaped like triangles. I always wake up before I find out what they are up to just like I did now. How could he have that same dream."
"Christine, those aren't alien spaceships, they're stealth bombers. They're American planes. How could you dream about them when you were a little girl? They hadn't been invented yet."
Christine just started laughing. It was that crazy infectious laughter that was impossible to resist. I didn't. It was pretty insane. For God's sake, weren't things calamitous enough? There really wasn't a damn thing we could do about these dreams. There was no certainty that we could rely on them well, for anything. I had yet to tell her though, that those alien spacecraft from her childhood dreams had just flown overhead as big as a pimple on the nose of a fair-skinned cover girl.
I found Ma. "I just want to thank you for your kindness. I can't leave my people down there all alone. I have to go back. Is there anything you can tell us that we may not know. I'll be glad to share whatever we know. I want to think of us as friends and allies."
"I can tell you this, Johnny, y'alls in the middle of trouble down there. We can see it all from up here." She knelt down and started drawing in the dirt. "You've got a good position, but you've got a good number of folks in bad shape nearby. I don't think that most of em even know you're there. But, you've got to get serious. We coulda snuck in anytime and done whatever we wanted whilst y'all was sleepin'. Ya already had that feller kilt. Ida thought that woulda woke ya up."


Well, just as I walked the plank a dragon scooped me up and rescued me. Of course, he's taking me to his nest to feed to his babies. But, I'm still alive. In other words, I am past the point where the original story ended and I am flying blind and have introduced some things that may have not been a good idea. Hahaha. Good times. So, trying to recover. How am I doing? Input and suggestions are most welcome. You may chastise me if you wish too!! Your input has been wonderful. Hope this is at least fun. mikey
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