Spiritual Poetry posted March 4, 2014

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mary magdelene sees the risen christ

mary magdelene part 2

by mfowler

i'm empty

without my lord
i'm empty
i wish to be assured
that he
who loved without restraint
whose words could make me faint
his life
so pure
no taint
is really gone.

i need to know
must swiftly go
and cry
at the stone of shame
out his blessed name
and feel his presence
on this melancholy morn

what's this?
the stone is gone
across the darkness drawn
what's happened
this dawn?

have they stole my lord away?
he's not theirs to make this play
i must run
see what the others say

'it's true'

they don't believe
my frightened word
'it's true
just what you've heard!'

they run to see the grave
not curious nor brave
they must know
what's happened there
and i must too

john is fleet of foot
he'll follow
the route peter took
and they will see
the stone has
rolled away

i am slow
behind these men
i can't bear to follow
and find what's happened
to my lord
i can't hold back my tears of grief
nor reason my disbelief
at the thought
of body thief
oh NO!
not my lord!

peter and john
have gone
why run now?
i must know
this stone was rolled

whether his body
alone and cold
is gone?

who are you?
two bright men upon the grave
who are you?
who let you in this cave?

yes, i weep
it's hard to keep
from breaking down

they ask me
why i weep
for reasons i don't know
perhaps lack of sleep
perhaps their blissful glow
i tell them
who's my lord
has gone away

i turn to run
in the light of early sun
i see a man

a man who may help me
with my quest
is he the gardener in this place?
for i feel i know his face
will he react to my request?
i ask where was jesus sent?
or where his body went?
but he smiles and with intent
says 'Mary'

as lambs with random dance
announce spring's romance
my heart leaps in my chest
for all its worth
see into his eyes
and through gardener's disguise
see my lord
and say
' Rabboni '

it is Jesus in rebirth
returned alive
to earth
my saviour is

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