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This work has reached the exceptional level
A Betrayal which could never heal

A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love

Sisters, We

by RGstar

Contest Winner 
Sisters , We
(Betrayal contest entry)

For I have lost my sister, dear, when foul was fair through eyes unclear
A looking glass reflects no ill, if that before has conscience still
Yet sorrow strikes remorseful chest , of carnal deeds I now confess
So green the envy in my soul, its stench and bile consuming whole
For she the cream so constantly, my parents' love I failed to see

<>  <>

Dark moths did feed my rancid quest; envious eyes belied her zest,
Oh, how the times I wished her dead, now words I cringe of having said
A rose so crisp; a flower in bloom; whilst I, a bud, still closed in gloom
Infectious lies; words chastise, her simple heart quelled my despise
Elegant swan, how graced her art, each movement thus, an angel impart

<>  <>

Begone this day of poisoned deed and allow my wicked heart to bleed
My sister's love I stole for greed, with wanton heat I took his seed
That day I laughed and pushed the door to find her cold in life no more
And darkness came upon my way; mine eyes grew black for light of day
Cold fingers grasped a note held tight, with struggled breath I read her write

''Sister, mine, by love decreed, I want not what by hearts agreed
If, he, you love then perfect be, my broken heart now sets me free.''

<>  <>

A silence now for foe or friend, my voice now lost no more to send
Never to speak from lips condemned, a jealous heart can not defend
Betrayal is free, twins were we;  took the only thing she hadn't shared with me
Each night a ghostly mirror be, she strokes my hair unconditionally
No words are said, for tears are free, yet somewhere there she waits for me


Contest Winner


Earned A Seal Of Quality

Envious sister could not feel love because
of envy and jealousy, and so, committed a
disastrous deed, and of it, a tragedy.

In envy, seek not ugliness in others, for perhaps looking
closely within yourself you will find the beauty inside
that has always existed, made ugly by the greenness of your eyes

Artwork, by the incredible, Olga Noes

Impart = announce, proclaim, spread, disseminate, circulate, promulgate,

Belied = contradict, be at odds with, call into question, represent falsely

Construe = interpret, understand, analyse, explain, elucidate, gloss

Decreed = ordered, command, pronounce,
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