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A daughter's suicide on Valentine's day, found by father

A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love

Red Tulips

by RGstar

                                                RED TULIPS
                                    A suicide letter beside her head as
                                Embroidered silk soak sodden thoughts
                                            that lay forever still
                              Silent breeze through open curtains sigh to sky
                                  Red Tulips thrill, yet the stench of the crow
                                                My soul doth fill
                                         Teach me then how not to fear
                                                 Death in sleep

 ,                      Rays of comfort shine through walls of wrath's disguise
                                A feathered quill bequeathed her final plight
                                         Oppressed and bound
                        Sweetened perfume slice the rancid air of her despair
                                            Collected and found,
                                                Tormented seed

   (daughter)                                                   ----------<@
Dear Father,

Last night I saw the reclining sea as the smiling sand for
a time broke  free, yet knew in time, desperately, the sea would
return and return,  till sand  no more,
like shipwrecked lovers in a dance encore.

This illness then, thus prescribed, returns to me like that windless tide,
Its foaming froth and putrid breath desires my life as such betrothed
One year, said they, a life to live, blind faith; doctors, no more to give
And faith doth burn and burn and burn till faith no more,
she's at the door;
Devil's whore.

Montague's and Capulet;  sacrificial, Juliet, a sacrifice of love,
but what are the meanings of words left behind, opaciously sweet,
when none has ever faced the beast?
I will tell you then,

I will tell you then

Dearest Pa-paa, glad fate I found,
now  I  lay me down in  eternal sleep,
my red wine heavy in opiad  seeds of regret,
my sight now fades me, so let me ask, and then:
Will not the sky welcome that which is destined?
Will not the rivers bring forth that which is sent?
Will not the wind once blow for those less fortunate?
Will not the waves  part for those whom was meant?
Then why grieve for me?
for I am free,

Lay tulips beneath my head; let the scent bare forth
this journey's end,
for I have chosen the  hour, and the beast be slain,
and the frothy sea has lost her claim
Let this day of Valentine, blossom love, with petals
that cry like the flowers of my despair,
father, its all so clear:
''Foul is fair and fair is foul''

Your little girl,
           forever yours.

                             Two long years since that letter be said
                 And sorrow's quilt still soak the sin of that single bed
       Red tulips lay on pillow bare,  withered, thus, replaced each sorrowful year
                            A wineglass reflects a sodden tear            
                                   ''Foul is fair and fair is foul''
                                       For nothing ever dies

                      And the caged bird sings for wings now found
                         A melody to douse the rays of my disdain
                           And a small voice sings within my heart
                                            'Soon, daddy,

                                  Happy Valentine, my sweet,


Valentines Poetry contest entry


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A daughter's suicide on Valentine's day, found by father, a letter left behind. She was given a little over a year to live with severe pain at times, she chose her own destiny and not to wait

I realize the sadness of this poem for a traditional Valentine, but Valentine's day may have different meanings for many, yet she chose this day because of its meaning ;hence the reason for a Valentine's entry. Love has many forms.
Every year the flowers are changed and the words said;'Happy Valentine.'

The first two stanzas are from the father's point of view as are the last two, The letter has been left behind by his daughter for him to read.

I would like to say , this is based on a true happening, but would appreciate if I wasn't asked about the suicide itself as I would rather the poem be read for value than sympathy. By all means, discuss the poem with me on the whole if needed, I would be quite happy to.
Thank you so much.
Thank you my good family of writers. At least the large majority.

I trust in the strength and ability of you who have always interpreted my work fairly. I thank you.
Best wishes.

''Foul is fair and fair is foul'' Quote from Macbeth-Shakespeare

Artwork by Olga Noes
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