Letters and Diary Fiction posted February 3, 2014

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short prose piece

A Wish Upon a Star

by michaelcahill

I never meant to be such a burden. I heard those voices again. The ones that scream at night. The ones that wake me up from my nightmares. My nightmares are scary. I dream I walk out the front door and nobody notices. I keep walking and walking. And the farther, I go the softer and softer the screaming gets. Finally, I don't hear any screaming. I know everything is okay now. Mommy and daddy don't have anything to scream about anymore. They can be happy now. I see nothing and hear nothing, and I become nothing. I feel nothing. Everything is okay now. There is no me. The world is okay. But then the screaming wakes me up and I realize that I was only dreaming. I haven't gone away. I am still here. They are still screaming. They are screaming because I am here. I go down to the front door. It is locked and I can't open it. And now they have found me. They are screaming even louder. They are screaming at me. They are screaming at each other about me. They want to know why I am here at the door. They want to know why they have to deal with me so late at night. They have other things, better things, to do besides come downstairs and find me standing at the front door. I know, now, that it is my fault. Everything is my fault. Why am I too stupid to even open the door? If only I could open it, they wouldn't find me when they came down stairs. I wouldn't be here for them to get mad at. They wouldn't be mad. They wouldn't be screaming. They have no choice now. They send me back to my room. I lie there on my bed, hoping that I can go to sleep. I hope I will dream of opening the door. I hope I will go away. I hope the screaming will get softer and softer until it is gone. I hope I will never wake up again. I just need for my dream to come true. It hurts me too much to cause all of this. I look out my window at the night sky.

I wish upon a star.



An entry for a prompt. A 250-500 word prose piece written from the perspective of a child. Didn't make the deadline.
Children can be abused in so many different ways. Indifference is one of the worst. Adult problems should never overshadow the needs of a child.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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