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Things never change, when will we ever learn?(see notes)

A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love


by RGstar

She walks in dew; bare shoed, shackled rein; hums the tune, the music of her chain
Cry the moon, the earth absorbs her pain, rye in bloom, her sores and blood restrain
Stomp! The sound, a hundred feet in time, bonds entwined, but falters not her rhyme
Yet silent words are lost in vain, a spirit scorned for love's disdain
The iron hot; her brand this night; pigmented shade deems price is right            


Purchased raised; a commodity liaised, despoiled; displayed a heart betrayed
She wears no sin, no fault within, the whips wear thin as the wolves close in
Parched lips palpate; cold eyes dilate, carrion warm for the vulture's plate
So she cries the woes of a rising tide where women bleed from men's despise
And the lion roars for female tears; thus come to pass for countless years

Our streets today we see unclean, a wolf on every lamppost lean
In shreds her body a price for loan, they congregate where crows have flown
In darkened room a woman cries, fed food of flies from a husband's lies
The bones he breaks for his demise, on her the blame, his sacrifice
Her wedding shoes a polished grave, the laces loose constrict his slave


Genitalia cut; Africa's way, reduces passions, that's what men say
 Pakistan, India when dowry low, a thousand killed for tradition so
In Latin America seventy percent who die, by husbands' and boyfriends' jealous eye
London, Paris, Jamaica too, New York, Brisbane to name a few
Women hurt with increasing pace, bloodstained faces and some no trace

Why must, always, women pay?
Sisters, Mothers die this way?


Poem of the Month contest entry


Earned A Seal Of Quality

Disdain = contempt, scorn, unworthy of consideration

Rye = a kind of wheat-like grass

Wolf = double meaning = Men - captors of women

Carrion = decaying flesh of an animal

Some things seem never to change, only take other forms.
Tell me my fellow writers, when will we ever learn?

This is for all women in bondage throughout the world,
regardless of colour or creed.
Stay free from vice, degradation, physical or mental slavery.

In our homes many perish, on our streets, we no longer cherish
From Eastern Europe many search a better life, ends in a room, a key and a knife.
We have not learned from the past as we continue to make sure the dye is cast.

Women, it is your day, be aware, and not let men play.


IMage by Zoshalucyna

Later added:
My poem is not an attack on all men, because there are some women that are in the bad apple category whilst there are some extremely good men out there, some of which are themselves preyed upon, but sadly, over time, it has shown that men carry the lead in the domination of this negativity in which I speak, and this is directed towards that source. So, all you good men out there, keep flying the flag, you are surely needed. RG.
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