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Why Cant People Leave Well Enough Alone

A chapter in the book Rodeo Bull Rider

Reporter Calls Jake A Coward

by country ranch writer

Will this be the undoing of Jake? Will he let her get to him? Her words keep echoing in his head. Coward! Dammit! He was ready to put this behind him. Coward he is not!
Things were not looking good but Jake was ready to put  an end to his tragic story and to face his demons.

Dammit! Why did that mouthy reporter have to show up when she did? Why couldn't she leave well enough alone?

When Betsy heard the news on the TV she ran to the phone and tried to call Jake.
Duke answered the phone, he told her almost everything  that  happened.. He was concerened and fearful  fot the mood Jake was displaying.

That horrible day had just about devastated all of them putting everyone on edge..

They had started a new way of life and why couldn't people just leave them alone?

Betsy was very upset all this anxiety brought upon Jake right now. She was fearful of what might happen. The reporter twisted the whole question and answer impromptu session into cheap sensational news.

How bad can people get?

After the incident, Betsy could sense that Jake was having the demons start rising to nag him again. He headed back to Montana with Duke and left her home again. Now she was wondering why he had to go to Montana again.

Is he going to try to ride Slaughter again? A shiver went through her spine as she thought of this

. Surely he is not insane enough to do such a ridiculous thing just because of that reporter?

The more she thought about the whole thing, the more worried she got. She picked up the phone and dialed Jake's number. Jake answered automatically with..

"Hi dear. How are things down in Montana?"

"Oh! Everything is great and I am excited."

"Excited you said?"

"You're not going to.."

Just then she heard Jake say easy,"Slaughter" that's the boy!"

Then Jake spoke hurriedly. "I got to go now honey, Slaughter is giving me some problems here. Chat later."

Her cell phone dropped to the floor and broke into two pieces. She felt the same as the phone torn in pieces, her world seem to be closing in on her. She felt motionless and just sat quietly on the floor trying to take it all in. When she got her composure back again, she tried to dial again but there was no dial tone. Damn, why did he go and leave her at home!

Back on the rodeo circuit in Montana, everyone was cheering and getting high as the announcer, as the riders and the bulls were getting ready for some action.

The reporter Mary has been just as curious as the spectators.

Is Jake going to ride Slaughter after she had made the story about him being a coward?

Her mouth opened real big and her eyes about bugged out when she saw Jake got to the  bullpen where Slaughter was..
"Next up is Jake Ryder" and it made her nauseous and it felt she might faint.

What if he died from this single act of courage to prove he is not a coward? Gosh! What have I done?

Jake acted like he was going to mount Slaughter and waved his hands to have the gate opened and Slaughter headed out. Jake stood there and took his hat off to Slaughter and bowed. The spectators cheered them on and Jake spoke to Slaughter.

"You and I are heading back to the ranch, you will be a stud and a father soon" Slaughter snorted .. It's breeding season and the ranch is where he is going.

Back home Betsy waited and said a quick prayer.

A knock on the front door, brought her back to reality. She heard a voice calling from outside. No, it can't be Jake, but it's his voice. Gosh! Am I out of my mind again? She turned the front door knob expecting it to be someone to bring bad news about Jake!

As the door opened, she received a big hug,"Honey I am back! Happy Anniversary!"
Jake gave her a wet kiss or was it her happy tears ?

Now that Jake is back, that is all that matters, wet or dry. Come what may!

Jake let his crutches fall onto the floor, for now he had Betsy to hold onto forever.

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