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What Awaits His Arrival?

A chapter in the book Rodeo Bull Rider

Jake Returns To Montana

by country ranch writer

In delivering the bulls to the rodeo one of their stops was in Montana. Duke and Fowler were keeping a close on on Jake case he changed his mind. He didn't know his day was about to take detour.
The trip was taking longer than they expected it to, they had to detour several times due to traffic. Betsy was getting anxious and hoped she would hear from them soon. She sure missed Jake, their first time apart since the accident.

When Betsy got up that morning she felt like the place was closing in on her. So she fixed a light breakfast of toast and coffee. She had no plans for the day so she ran upstairs and came back down in her jeans and tank top. She saddled up her horse, Lucy and headed out for a ride. She was thinking out loud and Lucy had her one ear arched back like she was listening to her every word. She told Lucy, she was her best friend because she could always speak her thoughts to her and Lucy just listened quietly. Betsy told Lucy, she hates the whole macho thing the guys have,

thinking, well, "maybe I am feeling lonely because I had to stay home."

She was thinking how her heart was broken and her spirits stomped on when Jake had left town years ago. She used to pretend years ago that he would be back for her and apologize for what he did and said. It never came to pass.

He was gone ten long years. She was so naive back then and so young. She had now outgrown her blond pigtails. Despite her feelings she had always loved Jake, and she said a prayer for him every night and still does since they have been married.

Yup, her dad had said Jake got under your saddle like a burr and she couldn't shake him off, with a jovial chuckle. Dad had a funny way of putting things.

Jake, Duke and Fowler finally ended up in Montana and were ready to head on back home. Just as they come out of the office from getting paid for their delivery and their bill of lading for the accountants, a reporter came rushing out of the corner.

"Jake thought to himself,not again!"

She rushed to him and held the microphone to his face saying "I am Mary from the Montana News. Can I ask a question about you?" But before Jake could reply, she continued with one breath,"Please think carefully before answering my questions."

Jake again felt that old chill which had run down his spine again and his guts tied in knots as it echoed in his mind, even though the accident was years ago.

Mary continued,"Will you be riding bulls again?"

"Why should I want to?" Jake retorted.

She said sarcastically, "you afraid to tell everyone you were a coward to ride Slaughter?"

Jake felt his blood racing with her sarcastic remark insinuation. "For your information it is none of your business what I decide to do with my future!" I lost a leg out there in the rodeo and damn near died. You want to know more about that maybe? "I don't know what you are trying to prove, but this interview is over and done with. Thank you Ma'am, but no thanks,"

Jake pushed past her and kept going, but he heard her screaming at the top of her voice,
"So Mr. Jake Ryder you are saying you are afraid of Slaughter!" "Okay folks, you heard it here on Montana News! Mary from Montana News, signing off."

This was really starting to rub on him Sorley and he felt bad. Before he could recompose himself, his instincts picked up something in the air and he broke out into a sweat. What's up? And what's behind this? Then he saw Duke come running across the parking lot and headed toward him. Fowler was doing his best to catch up with Duke.

Duke blurted out "Jake, your face is plastered all over the Montana News-they said you were a coward, Jake!"

Back in her house from the barn, Betsy had turned on the TV to watch the news to see if there was anything interesting on. She gasped and shouted OH! MY! GOD!
She saw Jake's face on the news with the report screaming at him you are a coward Jake!

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