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StoryPoem (fiction)Two interpretations. Please see notes

A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love


by RGstar


 On a Snowbound path she wears a crown, flowers bloom on her satin gown
Vile winds regurgitate a symphony, her swansong sung so hideously
Material wealth; a rainbow's end, a means to a madness  could never defend
Alas too late, the serpent won't wait, the apple of Adam is now her fate
The bare barked tree, her simile, its roots conspiring her destiny

Alone she walks on tainted ground; regret her mask, so solemn the sound
Rememiniscing the time; he asks a dime, but her money, her mind; based on riches and wine
She feels no pity, untouched by his plight, when all he wished was a bed and sight
Her perfumed breeze caresses his knees; the concrete cold '' a little help please!''
Clichéd frown; maintaining her crown, her coat made of vanity; no  conscience  found
She gives no offer and walks around,, he whispers;'' what's ordained by fate is bound''

Alas she stands this windless day, no fractured thoughts of treasure or prey
The news received of Cancer was sad, it reformed the thoughts of once she had
A life so based on speckled worth, she recalls and recites the beggar's verse
''What is ordained by fate is bound,'' how fated those words for her they have found
If chance again her purse she would give, if heaven would grant her wish to live                   

Oh heartless heart, why then so bold? Opaque illusions no warmth behold,
Will thou now weep a senseless trance now
time has eroded her senseless glance?
Red silken lips; redeeming air sips of which was sweet, now a darkened eclipse
No love she sought; a rusted heart; salted tears from hinges; a slow depart
The spectre's dust so softly bequeathed, wealth no protection, how golden her wreath?

Alone she walks on tainted ground; regret her mask, so solemn the sound



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This is a story poem,(fiction) with a little hint of what goes around comes around. It is written with two outcomes. Whichever you interpret is correct.

Love and life is not ruled by beauty and money alone. Money cannot buy life, nor can it buy love.

You can have all the riches in the world, but still be alone.

The main ingredients must never be forgotten, lest fate takes a hand. Some say, what goes around will come around. Perhaps it does. I wonder how true.

A man begging whom she had not much pity for except to here him say that if fated, the outcome will be. How ironic that his words would one day come back to haunt her.

My fellow authors and friends, Beauty lives on borrowed time, yet beautiful is for all time as it remains inside whatever your fate on the outside. All the riches in the world cannot protect you from your inevitable fate, I guess there is truth that you do reap what you sow, I wonder to what extent. Best thing...keep being nice.

Artwork by my good friend and artist; the fantastic, Asa Nyberg-Botshinda. Sweden
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