Children Poetry posted December 24, 2013

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Phyllis's Penguins stay with Timmy and Tommy Mouse

Christmas Visitors come to Hedgerow

by sandramitchell

Timmy and Tommy were having their tea,
When they heard people singing...who could it be?
"It's the festive singers," said Mummy Mouse,
"They come every year to sing outside our house."
But something about it...seemed somehow wrong,
Some of the words they sang, didn't belong!

"The Twelve Days of Fish...Is that what we heard?
Let's go and tell them they've got the wrong word!"
Timmy then pulled the door open wide
and saw Penny and Petey, standing outside.
Timmy and Tommy Mouse stared in surprise,
Then looked at each other, not trusting their eyes.

Mummy Mouse chuckled, and Daddy did too,
and told her two boys to let them come through.
"They have come here for Christmas, isn't that nice?
We told them that Popsicorn Bog's turned to ice!"
On Penny the Penguin's face was a large grin,
As she said to the boys, "Well, can we come in?!"
It was such a surprise to see them again
And then Penny told them they came down by train.
"What was that song you were singing outside?
We know the real words," both boys said with pride.
"Well, we had a problem, twas Phyllis, you see,
She likes us to sing round the big Christmas tree."

Penny stopped talking and Petey went on,
"So we made up our version, we know it was wrong.
But it was so funny, we made Phyllis laugh,
Although she told us we both were quite daft!"
"What a brilliant idea! It sounds such good fun."
Tommy Mouse laughed, "Perhaps we can do one."

On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A big box of cheesy biscuits.

Copying Phyllis and editing to make it shorter •??

On the Twelth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me...
Twelve bits of Cheddar
Eleven Edam's redder
Ten Brie ripe and feisty
Nine Gouda tasty
Eight Babybels
Seven types of chutney
Six pickles made in Putney
F-i-v-e- -S-t-i-l-t-o-n—r-i-n-g-s
Four Red Leicester
Three chunks of Feta
Two lumps of blue
And a big box of cheesy biscuits!
Penny and Petey rolled up on the floor
Laughing like crazy, but crying…  “NO MORE!
That was so bad, I think ours was the best,
Can’t sing it to Phyllis … she’s got a weak chest!”
Timmy and Tommy both sat down and laughed,
“Not only that she’ll say WE'RE also daft!”



This one is just a bit of fun. I told Penny and Petey they could visit Hedgerow, and Phyllis told me they were upset that they didn't get their invite. LOL. Thank you Doris1022 for the use of this funny Christmas Penguin illustration! x
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