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A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love


by RGstar


I smell the scent of roses still as my youth leaks in its cocoon like 
a floundering butterfly trapped within a spider's web of languid doom.
And yet, her words like ripened berries saturate my aching heart
bearing witness to a love  born of distance  and time. And if only
I could tell her, she would know that death would mean nothing
more than dying,for just a moment by her side.    

And should my silence be louder than any word spoken,
then no breath need be wasted in saying I love you,
as Inside every bud, a flower awaits bloom and every seed
longs  to ejaculate its pollen on envious journeys to softened
pillows of Embryos, between the satin sheets of the Ovum.

Await then, euphoria, ecstasy, freedom, and life itself,
for without the petals of she, I would die a slow death.

Dry are these eyes, but not so my lips, moistened and yearning
the fragrance of her words that idle on a playful mist tormenting
my hungry pallid desire.

Sleepless nights, rusted locks hold my eyes in sleep, for if I wake
I see only her, Yet I know not her face, so pray tell me, ''how do you
love that which you cannot see, or see that which you cannot love?''
The answer, I say, flies on the wings of perfumed air, only to dissipate
through open  windows of longing.

And yet; did Cleopatra not let herself be bitten by the Asp
on her journey to join her beloved?     
And was the servant not also asked, before succumbing to its poison:
'' Was this well done of your lady?'' To which replied,
'' Extremely well done, as befitting the last''

For if  she should leave this world before me and sail enchanted rivers
to eternity, sadness would my heart break. And live?
What life would there be without, her? The Asp would surely be my fate,
and then you could ask the  wind: ''Was this well done of  him?''
The wind will reply: ''Extremely well done, as befitting his last''


........What life would there be , without her?


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I have had to simplify this free verse as a couple of writers had difficulty following it, in word, and structure, so I have made it a little easier to follow. It has taken the charm away, a tiny bit, but Id much rather that all are able to follow, rather than the select few who normally follow my writing.
Thank you guys for hanging in there. Sometimes a writing can be too creative so becomes hard to follow, and we all must learn. Meaning, myself. Best wishes.

Let distance hold no fear of love. It is timeless, and travels on wings of perfumed air.

Asp = small poisonous snake, famously used by Cleopatra to join Mark Anthony after he committed suicide, thinking her dead.

Ovum =noun: ovum; a mature female reproductive cell, especially of a human or other animal, which can divide to give rise to an embryo usually only after fertilization by a male cell

Thank you to the artist, Olga Noes, for allowing me the use
of this beautiful image

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