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A chapter in the book The Different Faces Of Love

After Love

by RGstar

AFTER LOVE              

After love, what remains?  When fear and hope share equal chains,
After love, we hide the shame, because to walk away is a forbidden game,
She cries, ''daddy, no'' as your hand strikes low, but her cry is lost in desolate woe,
My breath forlorn, my skirt is torn, on my knees I bleed, my spirit worn,
This colour I feel perhaps not real, it is cold and dark  and my veins are peeled
Clouds of love with thorns and pain, If the water is blood, who sweeps the rain?


-----------<@…after love  
Reminiscing a moment, a distant time, a baby's cry, how sweet your rhyme?
''Sleep, my love ,'' you would simply say, as you warmed her milk, early hours of day,
Footsteps down the isle, hearts in bliss, how things would change that faithful kiss,
White confetti, long since turned blue, soaked like a stain in the morning dew,
The corner quakes, her teddy bear shakes, as the whisky on your breath every vowel breaks,
Strike! The belt, I feel your pace, Jenny shivers long, but lives every disgrace,


                                    ----------<@….after love 
Alcohol presides while love is despised, It fled long ago, like poisonous flies,
''Run,'' I cry, Jenny meets  eye,  permanent questions as she wonders why,
''Strike then, me, just let her be,  my flesh no hinder, let her soul go free,''
My spirit wakes; and for a moment takes, your fist replies and once more it breaks,
Years relying without replying, bruises denying, excuses multiplying,
Voiceless wind on a quivering string, my conscience trembles as my sorrow sings                         


                                                               ----------<@ …..after love 
Crystal tears on hardwood floor, my consciousness regained just a second before,
Jenny's breath is warm; my ache doth quell, tiny fingers in blood, a mother's hell,
The door now closed, his energy spent, he'll whisper sour roses and cringe a lament,
No more a lie myself and I, a mother who cannot protect her child is a river, dry,
This day gone past will be his last, let snowflakes and memories erase the past,
But just one thing, if truth you know, ''Is there a place for us, where do lost souls go?''

                                                                                   -----------<@  …..after love?
------------<@….. innocence sees beauty even when dark …after love


Earned A Seal Of Quality

Its is 7:32am.
Another long night of writing: Trying to finish this as matter of importance with a need to complete.

For all those having trouble with black on blue - please just HIGHLIGHT + COPY and paste to a word document and you will have it in black and white or message me inbox and Ill send you a black and white version.
The black on blue is necessary for the mood of the poem, so please try to get through, as it does make a difference for the emotion of this piece. Thank you so much.
( I have since changed the black font to light blue so easily read.)
I do not write looking for accolades, nor do I write to satisfy any ego, for I have faith in my writing. I write about things that hold me near, both through experience in want of a better world, and in hope of making a difference; a difference much emphasized within the boundaries of love, of which I am a staunch advertiser and believer.

This poem of domestic violence is of a subject matter that most find unpleasant but many have experienced or witnessed. If not, you are one of the lucky ones who I am genuinely happy for in the same manner as I stay unhappy and my heart breaks for those who now suffer. My sadness in advance for those yet to experience this nauseating account of dastardly life.

Jenny = Daughter

I = Mother/Wife

You = Husband / Father

You = (last stanza)= the reader

The first two lines of the first stanza overemphasize love knowingly separate syllable count but rhythm coincides with the main rhythm. Implemented for a stronger reality.

If reading this poem, you find yourself near, far, or even close to such tragedy, I cannot pretend to have the answer, as there are so many factors. Some do not have the courage or resources to walk away. Some confuse love and decide to stay.

Ask yourself WHY?
If you can learn to walk away, then TRY.

In some cases, you need to tell yourself it's a LIE.
And if you can walk away, TRY.

Pray think - my heart is truly with you at this time.
IMAGE by Valeska Moura
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