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Righting Trips for Beginners Who Are Just Starting Out

Tips for FS Starting Beginners

by Deniz22

I’ve noted that some polish writers on here have published tips every now and then at times, so I thought I would lend my expertease to the new bees to.

Believe it or not, I was onunce a horrible writer and spiller! But the relly good righters on FANStory have baled me out so many times that I am now quit proficient at what I do. So here are ten tips to help you smooth out the bumps in your literary climb to the hites, no matter what gender you write.

1. Avoid mespelling like the plaque!

2. Avoid long, rumbling sentences!

3. Do not be redundant saying the same thing over and over because people just get sick of redding the same junk said in defferent smelly ways to many times, again and again, know what I mean?.

4. Except bad reviews and don’t get mad. Just say to yourself, “This bad, bad review comes from a twisted person with beady eyes who is full of jealousy because I am a pretty doggone good writer.” This always works for me even if I have to say it 100 times a day. 

5. Sometimes reviewers are so mean they make personel remarks. One told me, “Your Grammar is really bad.” I just LOL! My Gramma has been in Heaven for fifty years! What is the chance this squinty eyed reviewer new her? LOL AGAIN!!

6. Watch out for the grammar gestapo! One comman out of place and whammo! They not only don’t give you any stars, they STEEL sum of yours! Thay are tough and seem to no Tommy personally, so no use complaining.

7. Be humble. Remember, 2 stars is better than none. It kept me going in the lean years. At least somebody is reading even if it’s the government.

9. Be a good reviewer. Just plaster sixes everywhere and everyone will love you. You will rise in their esteem because you approve of their junk and so you must be good.

10. Keep writing no madder what! I can’t tell you how many have told me over and over again to move on, but I keep writing anyway and see where I am now! An advise communist!


This is from my heart.
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