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Weird noises coming from out side our door.

What Is All The Ruckus About

by country ranch writer

We had been driving all day. We were on our way out to my grandma's cabin. I had gone there years ago. My job kept me from returning to meet with the man and the little girl I had hoped to come back to see. We had spent the Christmas holiday together under crazy circumstances. We hadn't seen each other again. We wrote for a while, but our jobs required us to go in different directions. We lost track of each other over the years. When I chuckled, it was all because I started back to going on the rodeo circuit. It didn't take me long to get back in the swing of things. It seemed good to be free back then. No more deadlines to meet...I was my own boss again.

I told JM I had forgotten all about it, until I saw the sign of the old hotel. Gosh, had it been that long? The old hotel looked like it had all those years ago, like it was captured in time and time had stood still. The old barn was still there, thank goodness. We could bed down the horses and have room to stretch their legs.

We went inside to pay for our hotel room. There were delicious smells as we walked in the door. Someone was doing some holiday baking. Signed in and we told the clerk we wanted to bed our horses down in the barn. We paid for their lodging and settled them in. They seemed so glad to get out of the horse trailer to stretch their legs and do their business. They seemed content to be there, so we went to our rooms.

We then ordered a light supper of soup and sandwiches. We still had a long way to travel to Granny's. While waiting for our food JM, went ahead and took his shower while I made some phone calls to the folks. Mom said she and dad would be coming up to join us for Christmas so this would be fun. JM finished his shower, and I ran in to take mine. I heard this commotion (outside) then banging our door and then banging on our door.

"Well," JM said, "So much for peace and quiet". He was mumbling to himself as he reached for the door. Just as he opened it something ran between his legs and up under the bed it went. I grabbed my robe when I heard him say, "Oh, for heaven's sake!" As he was closing the door, he saw the back end of a cougar running away. Now he had to find out who our surprise hotel guest was. We got down on bended knee and lo and behold, it was a white fox pup. They were very rare and not many have been seen in the territory.

Now that the surprise was over, we had to decide what to do with the creature. The fox had the skin torn on his leg, and it was just hanging. JM went and got the first aid kit from the horse trailer. Thank goodness we were well stocked with supplies of this sort. I cleaned up the little fox, gave him a shot, and JM proceeded to sew him up. That finished, we took a blanket and made him a place in the bathroom for the night.

After breakfast, we all hit the road, including the little white fox pup. We told the man at the hotel what had happened, so he wouldn't get upset seeing all that blood, and then we had killed someone. There was blood all outside the door. For a little fox, he sure bled a lot before we could get him patched up.

I told JM as we came to the corner grocer's up the hill before Granny's there was a Vet who lived out back of the store. The Vet coming out of the store with a cup of coffee. He stopped and stood there, looking at me as if to say "I know her." I laughed and said "It has been awhile, Poppa Jim, hasn't it? He set his coffee down on the walk, and ran and picked me up... Twirled me around saying, "You.. Why, I would know you anywhere shirt tail". It was his (nick name) for me for I would follow him everywhere, and he always told everyone I was his "shirt tail tag along." I introduced him to JM and then asked him if he could take the fox off our hands. When he saw it was a white fox, he whistled and said, 'Wow! Where did you get him?" He laughed when JM told him and said "Well, just don't stand there, JM bring him around to the office". He examined him and said "You should have been vets instead of traveling to the rodeos".

I took some pictures of our little white fox before we left, and Poppa Jim told me, "When he is better and bigger, I will turn turn him loose out behind my place". We all hugged goodbye and went on our way to Granny's. We had gotten enough supplies to last us through the holidays, and take with us out on the road.

When we got there, the snow had stopped, for the time being. So JM took the horses and got them settled in. I opened up the cabin and let it air out while I put the coffee on to cook. I started a fire in the big old fireplace and soon it would be comfy. I shut the doors and fixed our coffee. When JM came in, we went and sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and just "sighed." It had been a long and eventful trip.

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