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Santa Is Coming To Town

Santa In Iraq?

by country ranch writer

Santa has a secret and Mrs. Claus can't get it out of him.This time of year he is looking through his list to see who is naughty or nice. There is something special going on here, Mrs. Claus could tell. Santa has been very quiet these days.
Spending time in his thinking room as he calls it, in front of the fireplace.

Santa received a special letter this year from a soldier who was overseas at the time. It reads as follows:

Dear Santa,
I am stationed in Iraq on the outskirts of town protecting the town from another invasion.
If I could have one wish it would be to have a tiny tree for my unit. So they could see we have not been forgotten this year like we have been every year since we have been here.
I look up at the stars at night and look in wonder. Will we see the star of Bethlehem this year? I hope you won't laugh, but if you could sir I would like to have it here on Christmas eve.

Major Jim Nash

The next night Santa was watching the weather when, the news man broke in with another announcement. Iraq was being fired upon by the enemy. They said , Jim's unit had suffered a few casualties. Jim was with those taken to the field hospital there. He was injured so badly they didn't give him much hope of ever walking again.

For Santa this would not do! No siree he was going to see something was done! He would not let Jim Nash down. Santa has a plan you see, to make this area have some peace for the holidays. Santa calls it the peace zone for the Christmas Holidays.

Santa called a meeting of the family and the elves. He told them of all the plans he had been keeping to himself. They all agreed he was right and set out to Santa's delight to get started on the list he gave them tonight. Not a minute to lose so much to be done on a minutes notice. The timing had to be just right. Mrs. Claus her cheeks so rosy and her eyes sparkling so bright , was showing the elves how to pack things into the duffel bags just right.
There were all sorts of things for the troops, cell phone cards, shaving stuff, stationary and other stuff enough to keep them busy in their hours not in war.
There were special packages that they could send home to their families.

Santa went out to the woods and found a little tree that was willing to give up his life for a good cause. Wrapped and packed up so it would be nice and fresh. The little tree gave out a sigh. Santa patted him on the head and said it will be alright for you will not die. Remember you are a magical evergreen. You will be returning to me after your duty has been fulfilled . Santa hitched up the sleigh and filled it to the hilt with presents for the troops with Rudolph at the helm, all was good.

Mean while back in Iraq the guys were grateful to be alive, and from their beds they started to sing some Christmas songs. Jim had started the off with Little Town of Bethlehem . They were trying to keep their spirits up to keep. Jim Nash had a feeling this was going to be the best Christmas ever!
Jim told the guys they better get some sleep for they never knew what would happen next. Shortly you could hear a pin drop the shelling and the firing had stopped.

Santa flew under the radar and was not detected from either side. He was so quiet you would think he was a mouse. He tipped toed in and was not seen as he
set up the tree for Jim Nash and company. Santa wanted it to be the first thing they would feast their eyes upon. The fighting would now stop for the Christmas Holidays, at least for a week.

The presents were scattered around the tree for the troops and their families. The tree looked so happy all decorated, with blinking lights and ornaments galore and its shinning star.
Santa said a quiet prayer for all to be safe and hope he got it right. Santa left Jim Nash a note. It Read like this;

Dear Jim,
Received your note and I wanted to let you know.
We hope you like your tree! It is a little bigger
than you asked for. We threw in some surprises
under the tree for everyone there with you.
May your Christmas be quiet and you all get
to come home soon, safe and sound.

Merry Christmas
From MR.Claus and Mrs. Claus
C/O-The North Pole

Christmas Story contest entry


It doesn't matter where you are or what country you are in Santa has his ways of keeping up with you. This is one of Santas' unusual letters sent to him. Yes, There is a Santa Claus
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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