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Westward bound

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

Chapter Fourteen-Part One

by c_lucas

This is a novel about the trials and tribulation of Jo Wiley. In these chapter Jo has been abused and sexually violated by her two uncles.

The Prologue has a synopsis of each chapter.

Westward Bound
End of the last chapter: Jo fell to the floor, and the man grabbed her wrist, slung her over his shoulder and climbed down the ladder. He dropped her on her clothes and freed her hands.
"Get dressed. Be quick about it!" He left.
Jo recognized her Uncle Devin's voice.  A sliver of moonlight entered the barn, but not nearly enough to see properly.
 She sorted her clothing and dressed quickly. The moment she finished tying her high-laced shoes, Devin returned, picked her up and threw her face down across the saddle.
She closed her eyes when he slapped her ass. “Stay there.” He mounted and urged the horse into a gallop. Several miles later he stopped and pulled her upright.
Jo grabbed the horse’s mane and corrected her seating.
“Damn Steven! I had to kill the sheriff. Now, they’re burning the farm, looking for us.” Devin growled, turning his horse and galloping away.
Jo didn’t get much of a chance to see the fire. She gripped the mane, hugged the horse’s neck and held on. The girl forgot her pain as Devin raced away.  Where is Uncle Steven?
When Devin stopped, he jerked Jo into a seated position and pressed a hand on her shoulder. She saw Steven sitting in a wagon, his horse tied behind it.
“Let’s make tracks before the posse catches up to us.”  Devin urged his horse to run, and Steven followed. The sky began to get lighter, before they stopped again.  
Jo looked back the way they came and saw signs of smoke. Earlier, Devin said someone set fire to the farm. The fire is about burned out. Why would someone set fire to the farm?
Steven started loading his horse with guns and things. He untied it from the wagon and struck the mule with a stick. The mule moved a short distant and stopped.
Devin freed his whip and lashed the mule on its back. The animal trotted off, pulling the wagon.  He coiled his whip, tied it to his saddle and rode away toward the rising sun.
Jo couldn’t see Steven but she heard him yelling for Devin to slow down.

Steven’s pleas were ignored, and Devin kept up the fast pace until he came to a creek flowing the way they were going.
He grabbed Jo by her collar, lifted her off the horse and dropped her on the ground. “Get a drink of water and take care of your business. If you try to run off, I’ll shoot you.” He dismounted and led his horse to the water.
Jo ran over to the creek and filled her cupped hands and drank as much as she could. She glanced at him and saw him filling a canteen before she disappeared behind some bushes.
Steven caught up with them and dismounted. He took a long drink of water while holding his horse by a single rein. He let go of the rein and freed the canteen from the gear tied to the saddle. The horse broke away and began to drink. Steven hurried into the water and grabbed both reins.  He suceeded in freeing the canteen and filled it while holding onto his horse.
Devin mounted his horse and glared at Steven. “Mount up and put Jo in front of you. If she jumps and runs, shoot her.”
Jo remembered the neighbor Stephen shot. I don’t want him to shoot me. She waited for Steven to get on his horse and held her arms up. He grabbed one and jerked her onto the saddle in front of him. They started riding in the creek.
Devin stayed in the creek, using it to hide their trail. When he came to a joining creek going in a different direction, he switched. Jo noticed the sun was over her right shoulder.  After they switched to a new creek, the sun was ahead of her. They rode in the new creek until sundown. Her uncles left the creek and continued until they came to a wooded area.
They stopped and Devin tied Jo to a tree before they unsaddled their horses. The two men didn't build a fire and ignored Jo as they ate something from Steven’s saddlebag.
Afterwards, they made their beds under the tree on either side of Jo, before Devin untied her. It’s getting cold and I’m hungry. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering.
Devin gave her his horse blanket and a hard piece of meat. He called it "Jerky." Jo used his canteen to wash it down.
"Girl, there are wild animals in these woods. If you go traipsing off, a bear or a wolf will get you. I'm gonna tie the rope around your waist and give you a few feet so you can go behind a tree. If you want to run off, help yourself. A wild animal will get you before we could find you."
Just as Devin finished, Jo heard a loud howl. "That's a wolf howling for his friends, so they can go eat." Devin laughed.
Jo pulled the blanket around her. You'll have to drag me into those woods. She spent a miserable night needing to go, but not wanting to leave the fire.  Her uncles moved around, never going far from the fire. Jo heard them watering the plants before returning to their bedrolls. When she couldn't wait any more, she hurried behind the tree, did her business and hurried back to the fire.

The nights grew colder and somewhere along the way, Jo picked up a fever and things became hazy. She rode in front of her Uncle Devin during the day and her Uncle Steven covered her forehead with a wet cloth at night. Devin bought a canteen strictly for her use.
One day, they stopped and made camp in a rocky area. Devin rode off and didn't return until dark. He had several bottles of medicine, and he made Jo drink one. The next morning he gave her another, and she felt a little better.
Devin wouldn't let Steven touch Jo. “It's best just one of us touch her in case her sickness is catching. Devin stayed away from her as much as he could. He fed her and dispensed her medication.
They stayed for three days, and Jo rested. She drank one of the bottles of medicine in the morning and one in the evening. Soon, she felt her strength returning.
Jo was tied to a tree and left at the camp when one of her uncles visited a settlement for supplies. They moved steadily westward. As soon as she was well enough to travel, the tormenting of whipping and burning started anew.  They made sure she lay on a bed of rocks and pebbles. If she complained, they gagged her and larger jagged rocks became her bed. The uncles not wanting her as often became her only relief.
The country became rougher and devoid of humans. Eventually, Devin found a deserted, vermin-infested cabin and made it into their permanent camp.
The uncles started killing animals and taught Jo how to work the hides of smaller animals, deer, rabbits and such.
Jo learned to stake out the skin, let it dry and scrape the excess meat off. If she needed to remove the hair, she made her own lye solution with ashes and urine.
She didn’t like it when her uncles urinated on the skin and made her chew it. “That’s the way Injun squaws do it.”
Devin laughed. He always checked to make sure she chewed the skin soft and salted it right.
It was tiring work. Her jaws toughened from the chewing. Extra chores added to her camp work, increasing her strength.
The two men sought ways to use her for their pleasure. Devin taught her how to perform oral sex. She learned to cover her teeth so as not to bite.  It wasn’t long before they used her as a urinal, saying she should be used to the taste.  
Steven forced his member deep into her mouth. She clamped down, stopping his flow, and tried grinding her teeth. Before she could do any real damage, he struck her with his fist.  When she released him, he slapped her and stuck a rag in her mouth. He used a whole cigar on her, touching her longer with the glowing tip of his cigar. 
Devin hung her from a tree limb and lashed her. “Let this be a lesson to you.” He continued until she passed out. He left her hanging.
It took Jo several days to get over her punishment, but she didn't bite anymore. They thought up new things to do to her. The whippings and burnings increased.  Jo began planning her escape, and what she would do to them if she got the chance.
One day, Uncle Devin returned from town with a brown jug, which he shared with Steven.
Their breath smelled worse when they came to Jo that night.  Devin warned Steven about burning her face, but made no comment when he burned her neck several times. Steven used her mouth for his relief.
To Jo’s surprise, he didn’t use her as a chamber pot. He staggered to his bed and collapsed. Soon Jo could hear his snoring. She almost gagged when Devin kissed her, dropped his pants and used her lower body. He didn’t make it to his bed before collapsing.
Jo waited to make sure both were asleep and then used her teeth to saw through the ankle knot. She froze when Devin awakened and tried to struggle to his feet. He collapsed, turned on his back and started snoring. The girl gathered the kitchen knife, matches and a small pan. She wanted Devin’s knife and gun, but feared she would awaken him.  There wasn’t a solid door to the cabin, just a bear skin, used as a curtain.

Jo slipped outside. This time I’ll walk.


Thank you, Anita Colyer for the use of your image, "Wolf by the water."

To my faithful readers, Jo will be meeting Seth within a few chapters.
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