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Jo tries to escape.

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

Jo: Chapter Thirteen - Part Two

by c_lucas

Jo is being abused by her uncles in Cawker,Kansas. The next few chapters will deal with her abuse from her uncles. It will be a little graphic.

AUGUST, 1869
Ending of previous chapter: "Shouldn't I draw some water first?" She folded her dress and laid it on her chair.
Uncle Steven took a big puff on his cigar. "You're supposed to get the water after you get naked."
Soon, Jo stood before them in her birthday suit. She tried to ignore them and picked up the bucket.
"Put the bucket down and come here!" She jumped at Uncle Devin's snarling voice.
"I thought you wanted me to wash myself." His glare made her feel uneasy.
"Never mind that foolishness. Get your ass over here!"
When she didn't get close enough for him, he grabbed her arm and jerked her closer.
Devin held Jo’s wrists over her head with one hand and tried to violate her with the middle finger of his free hand.
Jo struggled to free herself, and Devin backhanded her. “Be still, damn it.”
Jo felt uneasy and frightened when Devin forced his finger into her and wiggled it around. Jo winced. He turned toward Steven. "I'll be damned. She's been poked before. See for yourself.”
Jo tried to get away, but Devin held her wrists tight, pulled his finger out and struck her, again.  “I told you to be still.”
He turned toward his younger brother. "Go ahead. See for yourself."
Uncle Steven puffed his cigar until it got bright red and leered at her.
He's going to burn me!  Jo started to scream, but stopped when Devin slapped her.
Steven laughed, put his cigar in his mouth, and pushed his middle finger into her. He wiggled his finger, enjoying her discomfort. "You're right. Somebody has already done broke her in."  He giggled, pulled his finger out and turned his head toward Devin. "Can we flip to see who's first?"
Jo broke free and tried to run, but Devin grabbed her hair and her feet left the ground. He slapped her several times. 
"Girl, you been servicing others, so it won't hurt you to give some to me and Steven." He held her hair, and dragged her to her bed. "Now keep your mouth shut and do your womanly duty." He dropped his pants, displaying his stiff manhood.
Jo tried to get free. They want to do what Johnny and the night guard did! She struggled unsuccessfully.
Devin struck her with his fist, stunning her, and threw her on the bed. He lay on top of her and covered her mouth with his.
His whiskey breath caused Jo to gag, and she bit her lips to keep him from putting his tongue into her mouth.  She quit struggling and lay still when he forced his manhood into her.
Jo felt the warm flow of his juices almost immediately. He collapsed on her, suffocating her. She could barely breathe. Finally, Devin pushed himself up and glared. "You still need some training, girl, but there's plenty of time." When he got off her, Jo tried to get up, and he struck her again with his fist. "Lay there and be nice to Steven."
Dazed from the blow, with blood seeping from her split lip, Jo didn't fight Steven. His manhood was smaller and his invasion hurt less than Devin’s. After a couple of thrusts, he ejaculated.
Jo felt relieved Steven didn’t take long, nor hurt her as much as her uncle Devin did. From that night on, they kept her tied to her bed and abused her with fondling and intercourse. 
In the mornings, they untied Jo and forced her to fix their breakfast. She wasn’t allowed to get dressed.  Steven tied a rope to her ankle and the other end to a table leg. He laughed as he teased her with his cigar.
A few days later, Devin left for town. Steven tied her spread-eagled to her bed, stuffed a dirty handkerchief in her mouth and burned her repeatedly until his manhood stiffened, then took his satisfaction.
Devin returned with a package and pulled out his hunting knife. He pricked her several times before chopping off her hair. He enjoyed using the last three feet of his whip on her. Soon, the lashings and burnings became a daily affair.
Jo quit begging and crying. She let her anger build. I’ll get even with them and cut their things off. From that time on, she wore boy’s clothing and refused to respond to Steven’s cigar, or Devin’s whip.
Jo worked all day and had to put up with her uncles at night. When she stopped responding to the burnings and lashings, they showed their anger at her rebellion. The burnings lasted longer and Devin swung the front end of his whip harder.
To make things easier for them, the uncles only tied an end of a short rope to one of her ankles and the other to the foot of the bed. It made it easier for them to brutalize her, but it helped Jo to sleep better.
While they were using her, she thought of ways to abuse them. Most of the time she thought about getting away from them. Her chance came on a night with a bright moon out.
Jo noticed her uncles were drunker than usual when they came to her. She wiggled her hips when Devin mounted her.  She made the noises he wanted and was relieved when it didn’t take too long. She moved her face to one side so she could breathe when he collapsed onto her.
Steven kept his pants on, but opened the small buttoned area and pulled his soft member out. He burned Jo’s chest and she bit her lips to keep from screaming. Once he was aroused, he entered her and quickly ejaculated. Jo lay still because it never took him long.  She felt something cold by her left leg and reached down to it. That's his folding knife. She slipped it under her mattress and waited for him to stagger off.
Jo waited anxiously for her uncles to fall asleep. She waited a while longer after she heard their snoring. The girl retrieved Steven’s folder and locked it in place. It didn’t take long to cut through the rope on the bed post.
Realizing her mistake of not cutting through the knot at her ankle, Jo started sawing away at it. In her haste, she cut herself.  The young girl slowed her action and cut underneath the cumbersome knot. She was ready to get out of bed when she heard movement and froze.
One of her uncles got up and walked outside to relieve himself.
She lay there, watching the door through squinted eyes. It seemed like forever before the door opened, and Steven stumbled back in, stopped and stared at her.
Fear controlled her and she didn't move. Does he know I have his knife? Jo held her breath until he went back to bed.  At the sound of his snoring, Jo carefully started sawing at the knot without cutting herself again. It took longer, but she completed the job. As quietly as she could, she dressed in her boy’s clothing and put on her shoes.
The barred door stood between her and freedom. I have no way to put the bar back. Several minutes were spent looking around the moonlit room.

The windows would creak if I tried to open one. I’ll have to leave through the door.  Easing her way to the door, she lifted the bar and leaned it against the wall. When she got outside, she picked up a small stick from the wood pile and worked it through the wide door handle and the outside wall, wedging the door shut. Now the door won't bang and wake them up.
Jo started running toward town. She didn't get very far tiring and slowing to a walk. I need a place to hide. I can't go any further. She left the road, keeping her eyes peeled for a hiding place. I wish I could have taken one of the horses, but I don't know how to saddle one. She fell into a wide, shallow hole and lay in it, too tired to move.
The sun awakened her. She heard horses. and peeked over the edge of the hole. My uncles! What can I do? There's a house way over there. She bolted and started running toward the house. When she heard the running horses, she ran faster. Jo felt a hand grip the collar of her shirt and lift her off the ground.


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