War and History Poetry posted September 30, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
The story of my nephew and his service to our nation

Home At Last

by emjaihammond

You can say what you will about this country and kin
But what I just saw made me remember again
There are certain men chosen who stand ready to see
those living in America remain safe and free

A young man grew to love the American way
He was patriot proud and he watched with dismay
freedom was challenged, our way of life was impaired
Lives had been lost, but our freedom was spared

The attack meant to weaken, turned passion up high
Men like Matt would answer with a loud Semper Fi
He bravely stepped forward, said if any should go
I’ll fight for my country, so my children can know

A life filled with freedom to live as they choose
I’ll fight with my brothers, we’ve too much to lose
The challenge they met in the sands of Iraq
They answered the call, thier foe answered back

 Going forward to battle, our warrior was hit
 His spirit was willing, but the body must quit
The brothers who’d fought along by his side
carried on in his name, held their heads up with pride

As his tour ended he’d accomplished his part,
shook the sands from his boots, received a purple heart
A recovered marine he now served in the states
At home with his family, where at last peace awaits

Soon life was interrupted, Uncle Sam had a plan,
called Matt to fight once again, in Afghanastan
in a hot bed of evil with the hate that was grown
by men with an agenda, deathly seeds had been sown

To do evil to those who love American shores,
though some clamored to enter our university doors
They believed in our freedom when it served their own cause,
while they swore to distroy us because of our flaws

Oh where are we going, oh, it causes great strife
We complain and are complacent till they threaten our life
Panic sets in, when we see terrorist scenes
Both pacifist and war hawks cried “Call out the Marines”

They'll protect our country, though Satan plots her demise
Shed their blood if they have to, so Old Glory still flies
Matt said goodbye to his Mother, it tore at her heart
Kissed his wife and small girls, a soldier's most painful part

Of his life as husband, Daddy, and fighting Marine,
his family has their own battle, though it’s largely unseen
He landed in Sangin Province, on Afghanastan land
Went bravely to the field of battle and there made a stand

Marines answer when called whether on board or not
With policies sometimes driven by promises bought
America’s finest will always answer the call,
lest they hesitate too long and this great country fall

He was doing his job, as he’d done in the past,
but on this day life would change with an IED blast
His brothers would rescue him on that far distant shore
“Call in MedIVac, save him, get him help” they implored   
His wounds were severe, they must tell his young wife
His legs had been taken, but they’ll not have his life
Helicopters had rescued other men he had known
Now it didn’t seem real, it was for him they had flown

 His men covered his body with their own from blowing sand,
prayed “God spare him” as they watch him leave his command
Knowing doctors and nurses were fighting up in the sky,
transporting one of their finest, fighting hard not to die

His sacrifice was so great, I could never forget
the inner strength he was blessed with in the challenges he met
There are those who fought with him who will never return
As I watch this man recover I see we’ve so much to learn

Of what is one’s duty and where is one’s heart
If we are to stay free we must all do our part
As Matthew has suffered through recovery and pain,
I see the spirit that the enemies disdain

 For it lives in the hearts of my brave countrymen,
who fight to allow us to speak our mind, even when
It may be against the ones who’ve paid such a cost
Who without their brave service, free speech would be lost

For two years he’s worked, overcomeing both  pain and shock
Our American hero,  with new legs he now walks
Much has been suffered, I’m sure we know nothing of,
for I’ve not heard him complain, though I’m sure he doesn’t love

all the changes and mountains he was sent home to climb,
all the while not really knowing how he’d manage in time
As he struggled to get through the pain of each day
small things were big leaps of faith leading the way

There is so much to take care of and to try to obtain,
the many things they would need when his health he regained
Not distroyed neither frightened by the enemy’s snare,
he launched his own battle, he would find victory there

All his cares were quite heavy when someone planted the seed,
a seed that would grow, with God's help and succeed
“Homes For Our Troops”, a movement of love was outpoured
fighting back against the enemy but they use a new sword

You see, we don't fight using women as shields
We don't hide among children, so the enemy yields
But we honor our soldiers with the best we can give
Without their service,  our freedom no longer would live

To the realtors who sponsored the gift of this house,
and the layman volunteers and yes, even their spouse
For the materials donated, all they could they’d provide,
The community who welcomed a family home with civic pride

For the time that was sacrificed and the passion they’ve shown
For the love and understanding, patriots started this home.
For to whom much is given much is required, it's said
They've given their all on the lands where they’ve bled

There are more just like Matthew who need hope and a hand,
losing more than we can imagine as they fight for this land
Looking back to Vietnam when our soldiers were betrayed
by the shameful souls they fought for, left alone and afraid

We must thank God for our freedom, overhead we hear her ring
Shake the hand of those who serve you, for safe keeping they bring
To repeat from Matthew's address as he told of his great test
"I’d not change a thing about my journey, for I’ve seen the very best

of this country I love and the support they want to be
I only ask that you do the same for other soldiers like me
We can help with this mission get on board and begin
to provide for wounded comrades as they try to live again"

With God’s hand at his back, he lifted the red white and blue
Proudly she waves over one who fought for me and you
The sky spreads out before him over this, now his own land
and it sings of God’s blessing, as on freedom he stands



Homes for our Troops is a non-profit organization who builds homes for those who have had life changing injuries. There is more about Matthew and his family, and the way they have survived the odds and enjoyed the generosity of others. It is found at www.hfotusa.org/Amos
This is an amazing family. I hope you will read and enjoy the video on the web site. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy poem. There was much on my heart to share.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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