General Poetry posted September 12, 2013

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A Country Song

The Ballad of Mint Julep

by Clockwise

I met her in December
Loved her at first sight
It was a winter romance
That started with a bite
Her parents seemed to like me
Her little sister too
But her roommate hates my smell
She chewed up my left shoe

They've been together ten long years
She got her as a pup
Slept with her most every night
Named her 'Mint Julep'
Now everytime I made a move
On that love of mine
Ole Minty she would raise a fuss
She'd bite and bark and whine

I tried to bribe her with a bone
I took her for a walk
I rubbed her belly we played fetch
I let her chew my sock.
Slowly she warmed up to me
She'd greet me at the door
But when I tried to steal a kiss
She'd pin me to the floor

I guessed she thought I was bad
Trying to hurt her boss
Took to guarding seriously
Protection at all costs

Till one day when I came home
Caught my girl off guard
She was cheating with my friend
And left Minty in the yard
Minty she just looked at me
Whined with real sad eyes
Hopped inside my four wheel drive
My angel in disguise

All that time I used to think
That she hated me
Turns out she just knew the score
And tried to make me see
My heart it was in danger
And Minty my best friend
Was warning me all along
That love was doomed to end

Minty sleeps now at my feet
My bad luck's been reversed
And if you want to be with me
She gets to sniff you first


An idea I had I thought would make a good country song. Special thanks to all those who were kind enough to read this and offer their advice. Based on a true story (loosely).
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