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Thirty Seconds Till Disconnect


A phone call to my son Brian in heaven telling his mom will be with him shortly.. Characters Me, My wife, Son Brian, Dog Happy and the cat Shylow


"Hello Brian? It's your Dad"

"Dad!!! Wow!!!! It's so good to hear from you.
Been so long I hardly recognized your voice."

"I know son but I get only one call and that's it.
And only five minuets, no more.
I wanted to tell you just how much I miss you."

"I miss you too Dad,you always made me laugh.
Miss the things we did together, the fishing the camping trips,
but most of all I miss the back yard. Just you and me throwing
the ball back and forth. Me always dropping
it. You always saying, "that's OK just keep your eye on
the ball, you'll learn."

"I miss playing catch with you too son,
you don't know just how much I do".

"Son, Remember when Happy picked up the ball
and ran away with it and wouldn't give it back? We never
did find it."

"Yes, I remember that time well. (Ruff, ruff) Happy's right here by my side. She heard your voice and wanted to said hello!"

"Well,that stinker. You know over by the barn
Where she used to go just to be alone."

Sure do. She liked to hide from the cat. Then when
Shylow walked by she would jump up and scare the be-Jesus
out of the poor thing."

"Well I walked by there yesterday. I stopped for a second
just thinking how much you loved that dog.
I happened to looked down, and there under the straw, where
she used to lay, I found it. The ball with all her teeth
marks still on it."

"WOW Dad! Would she ever like to put her teeth
into that ball again! (Meow,Meow) Hear that Dad?"

That's Shylow, she says hello too. Those two still
chase each other just like before. Neither one ever catching the other.

Dad, How's mom? She wasn't well when I left.
Is she getting better? Where is she? I want
to talk to her."

"Well that's one of the reasons why I called son.
She asked me to use this one and only token
to let you know that she will be seeing you
soon. And for you to get prepared for the
pinch on the cheek she always gave you,especially
when you were gone too long and tried to sneak
in the backdoor thinking she wouldn't see you .
But she always caught you."

"Ah !! Dad. I miss her too. I'll be glad when I get to see
her, pinched cheek and all.
Dad what you are going to do?
She took such good care of both of us,
Now you'll be alone."

"No Son. You see I'll have both your memories
instilled deep here in my heart. The good news
is I'll have another token then to use to call
to let you know when I'm on my way to join you guys.
You know how mom hates it when someone drops in without calling."

("This is HIS operator.") "You have thirty seconds before disconnect"

"I have to go son, my time is used up. Lots of others waiting to
go on line.
Good bye son I love you and I miss you so much."

"Me to dad. You know how much I miss and love both of you..
Oh Dad!!,Dad!! give mom the ball will yea. She can bring it with her.
I don't want you to lose it..Happy, Shylow, Mom and I will keep it safe.

Till we all can play again


All the characters in this story where real. All have gone now to a higher place yet never are far from my heart. BTW Yes I do still have that other token!1
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