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You Heard Right

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Women Bull Riders

by country ranch writer

Women becoming bull riders and making a name for themselves on the rodeo circuit. Taking the time to re-learn and do things the proper way and with the right equipment. Safety first.
Woman bull riding had been around since 1948 that is the year the Girls Rodeo Association was founded. Back then this included roping, barrel racing, bronc riding. Wasn't until 2006 woman started competing against men in the bull riding competition. A few make a living wage riding and more seem to be joining up every day.

It is still advised that one should attend the bull riding schools in your area to learn the proper procedures. This is critical to learn the necessary skills to insure the highest level of safety when bull riding. Bulls are animals, and therefore unpredictable. If one were to attempt bulling riding without the proper training, they could be severely injured or killed. Never give up your dreams.

In 2007 rodeo contests included women bull riders. The one contest in particular was the well known Lane Frost Challenge. The owner and producer said,women were allowed to compete against each other. Most people have not seen a woman bull rider, and he believed the crowd would enjoy the event. People do not realize women ride competitively.
Rodeo is considered a window into the past. So now you will get a better look into the present. Progress has come a long way.

Many of the girls come from a ranching family or from the rodeo family ties and want to try their hand at the sport. Some started in the little britches rodeos when they were kids; quite a few won awards for their efforts. Growing up girls were told it was not ladylike to want to ride the bulls. I was also told that when I was on the circuit years ago.
My grandpa said, it wasn't lady like for a woman to try to be like a man. Riding bulls he said was a man's job. It isn't always a pretty sight because you can become seriously injured. These bulls don't know what the rules are. All they think about is getting you off their back any way they can. No place for the weak at heart, you won't make it if you don't have what it takes.
Bull riding is an unforgiving sport. As they used to say, if you don't have the guts you will not reap the glory.

Reporters ask the women why do they do this? Because it is an indescribable feeling and you have to ride to get it. I can't explain the feeling for it is different for everyone else.

How do you prepare yourself for the ride? No two people ride the same way: Just try to stay cool, calm and collected and say your prayers before getting on the bulls.

Describe what you do, those first few seconds in the ring. Once out the gate you concentrate on the bull and get the feel of him. He wants to throw you every which way but loose and will stomp you if he gets a chance. It is not fun and games in the arena.
What is the most stressful part of the ride? Dismounting without getting hurt.So much can go wrong out there in the arena.

How would you answer the question to teens and young women if they asked you about becoming a bull rider? What does it take to be a good one?
It is more of a mental challenge and having confidence in yourself, determination to finish what you started. Not an easy task sometimes.
Having a strong positive attitude is what most struggle with being a woman. They feel they are under a microscope all of the time. It seems the world is just waiting for them to make a mistake.


Women in today's world have taken to not just entering the rodeo to ride but also to compete in bull riding. They are not settling for doing what most girls do.
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