Fantasy Fiction posted June 19, 2013

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Getting to the bottom or is the top?


by angelmagnet

Not unlike many authors, I have a book written in my head, one on my hard drive, and one ready to go when I outgrow those pages.

The book on my hard drive is the unlikely story of my life from pre-birth to enlightenment.

The one in my head is instructions for coping with the chaotic, seemingly happenstance string of events that assails each of us as we swim upstream towards whatever.

The one ready to go once these pages are publicized is more complicated than any of that. It is a description of the architecture that unfailingly brings tears to my eyes. Not tears of pain, but of awe.

It would be easier to paint then to describe. With more than a fair amount of confidence and past success, I may assume the improbable.

How would anyone describe the world as I see it could be. Souls interacting without bodies to interfere. The stretch is not beyond my imagination. In my dreams I am as equal as any with the most capable and flexible outer vessel.

Unable to climb the stairs, I peek upwards to the row of climbers ahead of my place. They are just like me. The only difference is they used their legs to climb to the top. I use my imagination. I don't think the experience is any less strenuous walking or imagining.

There are obstacles for each of us as we struggle to gain a higher vantage; if only to see how far we've come.

Life with a body may be intended to be painful and frustrating. That's why poetry and music which carries us to places unseen by the retina or heard without an amplifier.

The world I want to describe is concealed from our earthly vision. I credit my ability to disconnect from my human skin with the intensity and fantastic scenes that shower my vision.

It's not perfect. But it beats feeling cheated. My life is one that doesn't look like fun, but the thoughts that are mine are invaluable.

Joy and gratitude hold hands with faith.

I would start with every color of the spectrum and pour all the cans down a spiral staircase. As different colors merge and contrast with the adjacent colors merging into a carnation of color unlike any ever seen. Scraping through the layers, revealing that concealed adjacent to any number of combinations.

Within the everything of combined colors, I would reach for the one with my name. If I could pull that one out, I might be able to describe the rest.


A trip of color
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