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Jo is seeking revenge against Johnny

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

Chapter Eleven - part one

by c_lucas

The next few chapters will deal with Jo being abused. Please do not read if this is offensive to you. I do not write graphic erotica.

JULY, 1879
End of the last chapter: Jo stared at Mrs. Griffin. “Did your husband beat you when he was drunk?”
“He beat me anytime he wanted to and made me do whatever he wanted. That’s why it is best for you not to make Johnny mad. The Court would be on his side.”
“Is that why you won’t punish Johnny?”
“I can’t punish him without punishing you, also.”
“But you punished me before Johnny ever attacked me.”
“I don’t plan to punish you anymore unless you attack Johnny.”
“Do you plan to attack Johnny?” Nurse Patton asked.
“Not at the moment,” Jo answered.
Jo and Johnny were not allowed to be on the main floor at the same time. Mrs. Griffin gave Jo the first hour and Johnny the second. After a couple of months, she lifted the restriction.
The two young people settled into an uneasy peace. Soon, Johnny began his frequent trips to the Dungeon. He bullied the younger or smaller children, but left Jo alone.

By the end of summer, Jo’s hard work fooled most of the adults into believing she had overcome her attack. She spoke to Johnny with a soft voice and always helped her crew members with their chores.
Maggie, the team leader, became one of the first girls to join Jo’s rebellion. She held up a pair of Johnny’s freshly washed pants. “It would be a shame if this missed the rinse water. The detergent would give Johnny a horrible rash.”
“I best go take care of their rinsing right now. I wouldn’t want him to get a rash.” She waited until Mrs. Vincent became distracted and hurried to her clothesline. In seconds, she hung the pants and returned to pick up some rinsed clothes. She and Melinda hung the clothes as fast as they could, hiding the unrinsed pants by placing rinsed clothes around them.
Three weeks later one of the older girls accosted Jo with the message that Mrs. Griffin wanted to see her in her office.
Jo knocked on the inner door and waited for the command to enter. She stepped inside. “Jo Wiley, you sent for me, ma’am?”
Mrs. Griffin frowned. “I was hoping you would leave Johnny alone. Did you sabotage his laundry?”
“Sabotage?” Jo looked at Mrs. Griffin, who waited for her to answer.
The matron took a step toward Jo and stopped. “Do you know what sabotage means?”
“No, ma’am, I don’t.” She waited for Mrs. Griffin’s response. “What does it mean, ma’am?”
“It means to make life difficult for someone else by working against them.”
“When it happened to you, did you forget about it, ma’am?”
“That has nothing to do with this!” Red-faced, Mrs. Griffin stared at Jo.
“Didn’t you want to get revenge on your husband?” Jo stood still, knowing Mrs. Griffin had reached her boiling point.
For several minutes they stared at each other without speaking.  Mrs. Griffin blew air out of her mouth. “Will you promise me that you’ll leave Johnny alone?”
“I’m sorry, ma’am. I plan to kill him if I can.”
“You know what you are making me do?”
“What’s that, ma’am?”
“I don’t want to order your whipping, but I can’t let you defy me.”
“Defy, ma’am?”
“Follow me!” Mrs. Griffin left the room with Jo in tow. She stopped in front of Miss. Payton’s desk in the infirmary.
The nurse stood, glanced at Jo and focused on Mrs. Griffin. “What can I do for you, ma’am?
“Is the private room vacant?”
The nurse nodded. “I sent Johnny back to his cell an hour ago.”
“I need a bucket of warm water and two cups of detergent, please. Then join us in the private room.”  She turned and walked over to the private room with Jo following her. The matron closed the door and pointed for the girl to sit on the bed.
Mrs. Griffin sat in the chair, ignoring Jo, until a knock interrupted the silence. “Enter.”
Nurse Payton entered, holding a bucket of soapy water. She ignored Jo and turned her attention to Mrs. Griffin. “I have what you asked for, ma’am.”
“Lock the door and undress Jo. Check her for any cuts or abrasions.” She rolled up her sleeves and placed Jo’s clothes in the water and left them to soak.
“She doesn’t have any cuts or raw spots, ma’am,” Nurse Payton reported.
“See that she dresses after she wrings out her clothes. You and Nurse Kent are to see that her clothes remain damp for the next twenty-four hours. When they begin to dry out, she is to put them into the bucket, wring them out and put them back on. She is to be given freedom of the infirmary and the small room. Keep her busy. After twenty-four hours, her clothes can dry, but she will wear them until I say otherwise. Do I make myself clear?”  She glanced at the nurse, who nodded, and then gave Jo a piercing stare.

Jo nodded, picked up a towel and began drying the floor. She accepted her punishment of a severe rash without comment.
Two weeks later, after striking Johnny’s recovering face and head with a broom stick, Jo made her second visit to the dungeon without any lashing ordered. Sir Rudy, her protective rat, kept her company.
The sound of the cell door being opened awakened Jo. and Rudy ran under the mattress. Rough hands grabbed her and covered her mouth. Jo, thinking Johnny has gotten into her cell, tried to fight back.
Rudy bit the assailant on the wrist and was sent flying against the stone wall. Jo’s attacker left her long enough to stomp the rat.
“Leave Rudy alone!” Jo screamed and the attacker stuffed a dirty cloth into her mouth, grabbed her hair and slapped her.

“You keep your damn mouth shut!” He punctuated his warning by striking her breasts and stomach. Tiring, he threw her on the bed.
Though she was dazed, Jo tried to fight him off while he undressed. Her attacker proved to be too big for her.
When he finished, he dressed. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your mouth shut.”
Jo heard the sound of metal against metal as he unlocked the door and left. She crawled around the floor until she found Rudy’s body. The bruised and battered girl lay cradling her protector’s body against her chest, stroking it.
She stroked the dead rat and refused to call for help. Her new attacker was bigger than Johnny. She remembered Mrs. Griffin’s warning about the court being on the man’s side.
Nurse Payton sent for Mrs. Griffin as soon as she saw Jo’s face. The girl stared off into space and stroked her little dead friend.
“What happened to you?”  Mrs. Griffin caught sight of the dead rat. “Get rid of that awful thing….Who did this to you?” 
Jo continued to stroke Rudy. “He killed Rudy, who was only trying to protect me.” She looked at Mrs. Griffin with unseeing eyes.
Mrs. Griffin looked at the nurse. “Clean her up the best you can. I’ll send for Dr. Cohn. Get rid of that beast. Throw it into the trash.”
“NO!” Jo clung tighter to the dead rat. “Rudy’s my friend. I’ll bury him.”
Nurse Payton hurried out of the room and came back with a small cardboard box filled with cotton. “Put Rudy into the box.  Tomorrow, I’ll help you bury him, but I need to clean you up, today.” She pulled some of the cotton out.
Jo looked at the box and then at the two women and settled her eyes on Mrs. Griffin. “Would you help me bury him, too?”
Mrs. Griffin glanced at the nurse and grimaced. “If you want me to, I will. I know he was your friend.”
Jo kissed the rat’s nose and placed him into the box. The nurse placed the handful of cotton over the rat and interlocked the top edges. She handed the box to Jo, who clutched it to her breast.
“Now, I have two bastards to kill,” Jo said, her usually soft voice hard and cold. She cradled the box in her arm and started humming a lullabye.


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