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Mrs. Griffin defends Jo.

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

Chapter Ten - Part three

by c_lucas

The next few chapters will deal with Jo being abused. Please do not read if this is offensive to you. I do not write graphic erotica.

MARCH, 1879
Ending of the last chapter:
Jo glanced at the nurse and at Mrs. Griffin, who gave a slight nod. She dropped her blanket and pulled her nightgown over her head.
Nurse Kent closed the door and stepped to Jo’s side. “Do you have any questions, Officer?” she asked as she placed her arm around the injured girl.
With cold eyes, he stared at the bruises and cuts, then softened his gaze. “I have a daughter about your age.  I can’t arrest Johnny. You be careful around him, promise?”
“I’ll be real careful, sir.” Realizing she wasn't going to get any aid from the police, Jo started planning her own revenge.
The adults left the room. Jo slipped on her nightgown and went back to bed.
Nurse Kent returned and tucked her in. “I will wake you when the doctor comes. Mrs. Griffin has retired for the evening."
“Did Officer Brennan leave?”
“Yes he did. You get some rest until the doctor comes. I’m going to be at my desk and I'll leave the door open."
Miss Kent greeted Dr. Cohn and stood. “I'll bring her to the examining area."

The doctor nodded and continued to the screened off section. A few minutes later, the nurse joined him with Jo in tow.
“Do you remember Dr. Cohn, Jo?”

Though her eyes were blurred from lack of sleep, Jo answered, “Yes, ma’am, I do.” She nodded at the doctor and reached for the hem of her nightdress.
“Let’s wait until it’s time to do your exam. I have a few questions for you.” The doctor placed his hands under Jo’s armpits and lifted her to a sitting position on the table.
Nurse Kent went to her writing desk and took out a pencil and a pad of paper.
“What is your name?” the doctor asked.
“Jo Wiley.”
“Okay, you don’t have to repeat your name, Jo. In your own words, tell me what happened between you and Johnny.”
Jo took a deep breath and began relating her story, again.
Nurse Kent started writing on her pad....

“Johnny stood and stomped on my stomach, then left.”
Dr. Kent directed his next question to the nurse. “What kind of shoes do the boys wear during the day?”
“Same as the girls. They have leather shoes when doing their chores and slippers at night.”
“Johnny claimed his leather shoes were stolen the last time he was in the Dungeon,” Dr. Cohn replied.
“Excuse me for a moment.” Nurse Kent went to another area of the infirmary and returned holding a hand-printed form. She handed it to the doctor. “As you can see, Johnny was wearing his leather shoes when he entered the cell and he wore them when he left two days later.”
Dr. Cohn handed her the form back. “It’s time for the examination.” He lifted Jo to a standing position on the table.
Nurse Kent helped Jo to remove her nightgown. Then she sat back at the writing table.
Dr. Cohn set his black bag on the table and pulled out a few measuring devices, including a cloth measuring tape. He started by measuring the bruises on Jo’s face and neck. Nurse Kent recorded the measurements on her pad.
When he overlooked an area, the nurse would remind him. He spent more time with the bruise on Jo's stomach and the cuts and bruises in and on her vagina.
When he finished, he treated Jo and started dictating instructions to the nurse.  He administered the cleansing and application of ointments on Jo’s face, neck and arms, while continuing to dictate.
Toward the end, he had Jo lie on her back, separate her legs and raise them at the knees, then turned to the nurse. “Use a twenty-five per-cent silver nitrate solution until the healing is complete. Do you have any questions concerning my instructions?”
Nurse Kent stood and shuffled the papers in order. “No, sir. I’ll have your copy in the morning.”
“Good.” He turned his attention to Jo and raised his eyebrows.
“Does this mean Johnny is going to jail?”
“I’m afraid not, but I’m sure Mrs. Griffin will be handing out some punishment. If you obey Miss Kent, you’ll be healthy in no time. Avoid any more fights with Johnny.”
The doctor bade the nurse good night and kissed Jo on the forehead. “Remember, obey Miss Kent and you’ll heal in no time. I’ll check in on you tomorrow night." He left.
Nurse Kent warmed some water and added the mixture Dr. Cohn ordered. “Raise your hips and hold still.”
“This will burn for a few days. When it stops burning, you’ll be healed. Keep your hips raised.”
Jo raised her hips and bit her lower lip when the nurse released the solution.
“Good girl. We’ll let the solution work its magic, then I will drain it.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Jo said through gritted teeth. She kept her hips raised and soon noticed the burning sensation lessened.
“Okay, hold it in until I get you on the floor. Then squat over the chamber pot and release the liquid and your urine.”
“Urine, ma’am?” Jo asked.
 “Your waste water.”
“Okay, ma’am.”
“Now, I’m going to put some cotton in you. If you notice you are bleeding, I’ll change it.”
“All right, ma’am.”
Nurse Kent changed Jo’s nightdress and led her to the bed. After kissing Jo’s forehead, the nurse lit a small candle. “I need to lock your door. If you need anything, knock on the glass and I’ll open the door.”

A new nurse unlocked Jo’s door. “I’m Nurse Payton. I will be your daytime nurse.”
“I’m Jo Wiley. Will Nurse Kent be back this evening?”
“Nice to meet you, Jo. Yes, Nurse Kent will be with you this evening. Mrs. Griffin will visit with you around ten this morning. Right after breakfast, I will continue Nurse Kent’s treatment.”
Jo opened her eyes when she heard the sound of a key in the door lock. Mrs. Griffin entered and locked the door behind her.

The girl stood and curtsied. “Good morning, ma’am.”
“Good morning, Jo. How are you feeling?” Mrs. Griffin sat in the only chair in the room.
“Much better, ma’am.” Jo remained standing until the woman motioned for her to sit on the bed. She sat on the side of the bed with her hands in her lap, maintaining eye contact with Mrs. Griffin.
“There is little doubt that Johnny raped you, but neither you nor I can press charges. As you know some of Johnny’s friends claim that Johnny couldn’t attack you because he was with them the whole afternoon.  To make matters worse, Johnny is claiming you attacked him without cause.”
“Do you believe that, Mrs. Griffin?”
“I believe Johnny is guilty as Hell. Nurse Kent and Dr. Cohn faced him this morning and got him to admit his shoes weren’t stolen.” Mrs. Griffin smiled.  “Do you remember Nurse Kent placing a thin piece of paper on your stomach and tracing the imprint of the boot?”
“Imprint?” Jo asked.
“The bruise from Johnny’s stomping your stomach.”
“Yes, ma’am, she did….May I ask you a question? You have protected me ever since Dr. Cohn had me touch my head and pulled my ear.”
“What is your question, child.”
“Have you ever been raped?”
Mrs. Griffin jumped up, unlocked the door and locked it after she went through.  Jo remained on the bed with her hands in her lap. I wonder why she got angry with me.
Several minutes later, Mrs. Griffin and Nurse Payton entered the room and the nurse locked the door. Mrs. Griffin reclaimed her chair and Nurse Payton sat on the bed, placing her arm around Jo.
Mrs. Griffin cleared her throat. “You’re pretty direct in asking your questions. I’ve taken the liberty of asking Nurse Patton to join us.”
"My husband took liberties with me, but not in the way you’re thinking. Under our laws, a husband cannot rape his wife. She must do anything he wants her to do, within reason. The husband controls his wife and children.”
“Why?” Jo asked.
“Why, indeed. The wife and her children live under the husband’s roof,” Nurse Payton answered. “Wasn’t it that way with your mother and father?”
“Mammy said that Father would beat her when the Divil’s Brew controlled him.  My Uncle Conor wouldn’t let him beat me.”
“I wish I had an Uncle Conor,” Nurse Payton said. “My father and brothers use to beat me anytime they wanted to.” She squeezed Jo around the shoulders. “Johnny is not related to you, so he can’t beat you. What he did to you is called rape, but it is hard to prove it in a court of law.”
Jo stared at Mrs. Griffin. “Did your husband beat you when he was drunk?”
“He beat me anytime he wanted to and made me do whatever he wanted me to do. That’s why it is best for you not to make Johnny mad at you. The Court would be on his side.”
“Is that why you won’t punish Johnny?”
“I can’t punish Johnny without punishing you, also.”
“But you punished me before Johnny ever attacked me.”
“I don’t plan to punish you anymore unless you attack Johnny.”
“Do you plan to attack Johnny?” Nurse Patton asked.
“Not at the moment,” Jo answered.


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